The schedules listed under Schedules (left column) are subject to change.  To access the most up-to-date athletic schedules, click the Athletic Calendar link on the homepage or the schedules page.

Listed on the left are downloadable forms for physicals, alternate year cards, fees, WIAA forms and the student/parent handbook form.  You will need to have Adobe installed to print out these forms.

To print a physical form to take along to the doctor, please select the PHYSICAL FORM link in the left-hand column.

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A student may not practice for or participate in interscholastic athletics until the school has written evidence on file in its (Activity Office) attesting to:

     1) Parental permission for each school year. The parental permission is obtained from the back side of the physical card or from the alternate year card. 
     2) Acknowledgement of receiving the school's athletic code (Handbook form);
     2) Acknowledgement of receiving the WIAA Rules of Eligibility form (included in Handbook);
     3) Athletic Emergency form;
     4) Current physical fitness form to participate in sports (Physical card signed by a medical person as listed below.)

Physical Fitness Exam Requirement:  A preparticipation physical fitness form attesting to current physical fitness to participate in sports determined by a licensed physician, physician's assistant or advanced practice nurse no less than every other school year with April 1 being the earliest date of examination must be on file in the school's (Activity) office.

A physical exam taken April 1 and thereafter is valid for the following two school years.
A physical exam taken before April 1 is good for the remainder of that school year and the following school year. 

Code of Conduct:  A student is required to follow the school's code of conduct on a year-round (12 month) basis. 



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