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Educators and community members who wonder what WISEdash, WISElearn, or WISExplore are may want to check out a new three-minute video.

The Wisconsin Information System for Education (WISE) is a collection of projects, all relating to educational data and online tools.

The WISEdash data dashboard is probably the best known piece. The WISExplore data inquiry process helps educators learn from that data.

The video also explains how the WISEdata project will save district staff time by allowing automatic submission of required data, and it briefly runs through three subordinate elements of this project: WISEid, WISEsecure, and WISEstaff.

The last topic is WISELearn, the centralized, Wisconsin-specific educator portal which the DPI is developing to help educators efficiently find and share resources and professional development, as well as communicate with each other.

WISEdash is a site where you can compare and explore statistics about Wisconsin Public Schools.

Key WISEdash features:
·Side-by-side:  Compare two school districts or two schools in WSAS, AP, ACT, Attendance, and Enrollment
·Multi-district and multi-school:  Compare any 5 districts or 5 schools to each other, or compare to statewide
·Trends: See trends over the last 5 years
·Data files:  Get statewide data files back to 1995