Available Scholarships

Scholarship List Fall 2017-Spring 2018

*Students can also check the Scholarship bulletin board outside the Guidance Office for the most current materials. Paper applications are available in the guidance office. 

2018 Wisconsin Towns Association Scholarship: Open to graduating seniors who plan to attend a WI private or public college or university in 2018. Students must complete and essay on the topic "Why is town road investment important to economic development in Wisconsin?" The essay should be type-written, between 500-1000 words and double-spaced. The essay must include a bibliography with cited sources. For complete information stop by the guidance office. Information must be mailed by May 31st, 2018. 

Governor's Dairy Scholarship: Beginning in fall 2018, Governor's Dairy Scholarships (GDS awards) are to be awarded to Wisconsin students who have the demonstrated an involvement in the state's dairy industry and who intend to continue in or return to dairying after a period of vocational study in dairy science and dairy issues which the GDS award will support.

The GDS program is to begin awarding scholarships for use in the fall of 2018, including studies over the 2018-19 academic year. 

GDS awards are open to prospective students at any age and at any point in a dairying career. The awards are meant for use in obtaining vocational, applied training in dairy production, dairy industry development, and dairy promotion. Degrees, diplomas, certificates, or other credentials that can be completed in two years or less are acceptable courses of study; four-year bachelor's degrees are not eligible for funding under the program. The awards may be used only at

  • A Wisconsin Technical College within the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS)
  • A campus of the University of Wisconsin System having a dairy science program or a dairy learning center (At the time of this writing the eligible campuses include only UW-Madison, UW-River Falls, and UW-Platteville)

GDS awards may be used to support enrollment in the Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC) at UW-Madison.

The value of the scholarship is up to $2,500 per year, to be applied towards tuition.

Awards are for vocational, applied training in dairy production, dairy development, and dairy promotion. Students pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Dairy Science may not apply the GDS award to their degree studies. Applications are due June 1st. Please visit: http://www.heab.state.wi.us/dairy.html for more information 

Scholarships @ Winona State University.
Students who plan to attend WSU should visit:

Scholarships @ MN State College Southeast Technical
Visit here: http://southeastmn.edu/payingforcollege/paying.aspx?id=94

Scholarships @ UW-La Crosse
Visit: https://www.uwlax.edu/admissions/affording-uw-la-crosse/scholarships/

Scholarships @ UW -Madison
Students planning to attend UW Madison can apply for scholarships here: http://scholarships.wisc.edu

Scholarships @ UW-Stout
Students planning to attend UW-Stout can apply for scholarships here: http://www.uwstout.edu/admissions/scholarships.cfm

Scholarships @ UW-Eau Claire
Students planning to attend UW Eau Claire should visit the financial aid website here:

Scholarships @ Western Technical College:

List of other helpful websites: 


*Students and families should never pay to have someone find scholarships for them. There are plenty of legitimate sites available to help you search. Scholarship hunting requires effort, but it will pay off huge in the long run. Even just a couple hundred dollars helps. Remember to do some searching through family members places of employment, student employment and local utility companies (electricity, phone and/or internet providers).