Available Scholarships

Scholarship List Fall 2017-Spring 2018

*Students can also check the Scholarship bulletin board outside the Guidance Office for the most current materials. Paper applications are available in the guidance office. 

Microsoft disAbility Scholarship- The disAbility Scholarship at Microsoft delivers on the mission of Microsoft’s cross disability employee resource group to empower and enable people with disabilities. This scholarship enables high school students with disabilities to go to college and target a career in the technology industry. In addition, we hope to contribute to increasing the pool of persons living with a disability enrolling in higher education and, in the long term, decrease the unemployment bias for this demographic. This scholarship will be awarded to promising high school seniors who plan to attend a vocational or academic college and have a financial need. Complete eligibility and application information can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/diversity/programs/microsoftdisabilityscholarship.aspx. Application materials are due by March 15th, 2018. 

Compeer Financial’s High School Senior Scholarship- Open to a graduating senior with a 3.0 GPA or better who has designated an agricultural major, interest in an agriculture-related field, or has an agriculture or rural background. Complete scholarship and application information can be found here: https://compeer.com/Home/Investing-in-Rural-Communities/Giving-Back/Scholarships/
Scholarships Applications are due March 16th, 2018. 

Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship- Create an account and submit a video (2 minutes or less in length) that tells us the story of your life’s passion. It could be a short film, animation or just a simple testimonial. This is not about how well you can make a film – we just want you to show us your passion and explain why you should be considered for a Live Más Scholarship. Complete information can be found here: https://www.tacobellfoundation.org/live-mas-scholarship/ ; Scholarship materials are due March 18th, 2018. 

Wisconsin Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship Program- Open to graduating seniors who's parent is an active-duty police department member or active-duty fire department member. Complete scholarship information and online application can be found here: http://wiesa.org/youth-scholarship-application/ ; Applications are due March 23rd, 2018. 

Wisconsin Restaurant Association Education Foundation Scholarship- Open to students pursuing post-secondary education in field related to the restaurant and hospitality industries. Applications can be found here: http://wirestaurant.org/ef/scholarships.php Applications are due April 1st, 2018. 

Electric & Gas Industries Association Foundation Scholarship- Must be a high school senior, enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited two-year college, vocational or technical school or other approved technical institute in the United States for the 2018-2019 academic year. Enroll in an HVAC technology-related course of study.* Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (or the equivalent). Application information can be found here: https://egiafoundation.org/what-we-do/scholarship ; Applications are open to the first 350 people. Application deadline is April 1st, 2018.

Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial Art Scholarship: Applicants must be majoring in Visual Arts or Art Therapy, they must have evidence of involvement in activities in school or community, and must submit a 1-2 page autobiography recognizing activities, community service awards, and reasons for pursuing a degree in the visual arts and how you plan to use skills upon graduation.  Two letters of recommendation are also required.  Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Applications are due April 24th, 2018. 

AB Nicholas Scholarship:  Based on need, academic achievement, and character, renewable scholarships $10,000 for 4 year programs and $5,000 for 2 year programs.  Students must be attending a Wisconsin System school and must have played basketball.  Applications are available online, www.AbNicholasScholars.org
Deadline:  April 30, 2018

2018 Wisconsin Towns Association Scholarship: Open to graduating seniors who plan to attend a WI private or public college or university in 2018. Students must complete and essay on the topic "Why is town road investment important to economic development in Wisconsin?" The essay should be type-written, between 500-1000 words and double-spaced. The essay must include a bibliography with cited sources. For complete information stop by the guidance office. Information must be mailed by May 31st, 2018. 

Local Scholarships: 

Countryside Cooperative Scholarship- Open to students whose parents or guardians are active members or customers of Countryside Cooperative are eligible to apply.  The scholarship application is available for download on the Countryside Cooperative website at  www.countrysidecoop.com and is located under the Membership tab. Paper copies are available at the Guidance Office. Application materials must be submitted to Lisa Bella at the Durand Business Office located at 514 East Main Street, Durand, WI 54736 or via email to lbella@countrysidecoop.com. Completed applications must be received by 5:00pm on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Waumandee State Bank Scholarship - Open to a graduating senior who plans to major in a business-related field. Applications are available in the guidance office. Applications are due March 31st, 2018.  

Western Technical College Foundation Scholarship for High School Students ($500) -Available to graduating seniors who plan to attend WTC. The application is available electronically, please email Mrs. Pederson for a copy or stop into the guidance office. Applications are due April 1st.

Cochrane Co-op Telephone Scholarship- Open to graduating seniors who's parent or guardian is a member of the co-op. Students must complete the application and essay and return by April 11th, 2018. Applications are available in the guidance office. 

Ben Ernst Memorial Scholarship (Amount TBD): Applications available in the guidance office Essay  about your future plans.  Include where you intend to go to school and how you decided on your major and which college to attend. Scholarships are due April 13th, 2018. 

Riverland Energy Scholarship-Open to graduating seniors who reside in the Riverland Energy Co-op service territory and have a parent/guardian as a member of the Co-op. Parent/guardian or student must be at the meeting on April 21st to be eligible. Application materials can be found here: https://www.riverlandenergy.com/content/scholarships. Scholarships are due April 13th, 2018.

VFW Scholarships - Applications are available in the guidance office. Do not need to have family military background. Deadline: April 16th, 2018.

Frank W. Brown VFW/VFWA Scholarship- Open to graduating seniors who have a family member involved with the VFW. Applications are available in the guidance office. Applications are due April 16th, 2018.

Buffalo River Mason Lodge Scholarship - Open to graduating seniors who have a min GPA of 2.75+. Students do not need to have Mason lineage. Applications are available in the guidance office. Applications are due April 20th, 2018.

Pirate Booster Club Scholarship: Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, have participated in at least one sport at C-FC, submit two letters of recommendation.  Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Due April 25th, 2018

Alliance Bank Scholarship ($1,000)-Open to graduating seniors who will be attending a post-secondary school following graduation. Applications are available in the GO. Due April 27th, 2018. 

Local Scholarship Packet- Various requirements and scholarship amounts. Paper applications are available in the guidance office. Applications are due May 1st, 2018. 

Joseph S. and Fern Greshik Memorial Scholarship ($750)- Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Deadline:  May 1, 2018
Joseph J. Greshik Memorial Scholarship ($750)- Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Deadline:  May 1, 2018.

James Rosenow Memorial Scholarship- Open to seniors who will be attending a 2, 4 year college or university majoring in a STEM related career. Must have earned 25+ on ACT Science test and a 3.5 GPA. Applications are available in the guidance office. Deadline: May 1, 2018

C-FC Educational Association Scholarship ($300): Open to seniors who plan to go into education. Attach essay on why you've chosen education as your career pathway. Applications available in GO. Determined by local scholarship committee. Deadline: May 1, 2018 

Andrew Bossert Memorial Scholarship ($500):  Students must have played basketball to apply.  Applications are available in the guidance office. Deadline:  May 1, 2018 

C-BC VFW Auxiliary Scholarship - Paper applications are available in the guidance office. Deadline: May 1, 2018.

Gregory and Glenn Averbeck Memorial Scholarship- Applications are available in the guidance office. Due May 1, 2018

Future Business Leaders of America Scholarship- Open to graduating FBLA senior members. Must have a 3.0 GPA +. Applications are available in the guidance office. Apps due May 1st, 2018. 

Scholarships @ Winona State University.
Students who plan to attend WSU should visit:

Scholarships @ MN State College Southeast Technical
Visit here: http://southeastmn.edu/payingforcollege/paying.aspx?id=94

Scholarships @ UW-La Crosse
Visit: https://www.uwlax.edu/admissions/affording-uw-la-crosse/scholarships/

Scholarships @ UW -Madison
Students planning to attend UW Madison can apply for scholarships here: http://scholarships.wisc.edu

Scholarships @ UW-Stout
Students planning to attend UW-Stout can apply for scholarships here: http://www.uwstout.edu/admissions/scholarships.cfm

Scholarships @ UW-Eau Claire
Students planning to attend UW Eau Claire should visit the financial aid website here:

Scholarships @ Western Technical College:

List of other helpful websites: 


*Students and families should never pay to have someone find scholarships for them. There are plenty of legitimate sites available to help you search. Scholarship hunting requires effort, but it will pay off huge in the long run. Even just a couple hundred dollars helps. Remember to do some searching through family members places of employment, student employment and local utility companies (electricity, phone and/or internet providers).