What We Do!
A major theme for the PTO is communication. The PTO uses an email server which acts like a common address book for the PTO officers. Any of the officers can easily send messages to members, teachers, staff or all of the above.

Anyone involved with School Activities realizes that there are so many great happenings that sometimes don't get publicized. Your PTO helps empower ordinary parents & teachers to help report & share the news. The PTO has distributed free magnets with news media contact information. Watch for the grey folders that offer free advice on submitting information to the local news media outlets.

This effort was started by the long-range planning (Climate & Relations focus group). It has since found a community based structure within the PTO. This is an important component of "support" for our school.

The PTO and those active with JR. HIGH understand the need for healthy social activity at this age. We'd like to see it continue. Based on the excitement & participation, more activities are being planned. Contact any PTO officer if you have ideas or interest in helping with this exciting project. All Jr. High parents are encouraged to get involved & be generous, your kids will appreciate it. Watch the PTO web pages for more info. or better yet, make sure & come to the next PTO meeting.

This web site is capable of doing questionaires. We've already used it for a few projects. If the need arises, your PTO knows how to help as "support and communication are at the core of it's mission." More information

One can hardly stay on top of technology much less the internet related dangers that can and do affect kids every day! As the internet becomes part of our everyday life we need to be aware of how predators can access our students and how cookies & worms affect our computers performance. We welcome your efforts to bring this to reality if you have ideas or know someone knowledgeable. Let us know if you can help with this.
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