Next Booster Club Meeting   Nov. 15 @ 6:00

CHECK OUT THE PIRATE CLOTHING AT:  http://www.companycasuals.com/cfcbooster/start.jsp

Looking for new members to help bring back school spirit!  Please take an hour of your time and check out our new vision and help us spread Pirate Spirit to the student body and the community!  Join the movement.......GO PIRATES!

The Booster Club exists for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, student families, and the school, through the support for male and female activities of the inter-school athletic programs.  The Booster Club works to achieve this purpose through active participation of as many parents and alumni as possible in Booster Club programs and in concentrated support for individual sports, working closely with coaches, athletic directors, principal, and the superintendent of the school.
   a.) The purpose of the club is to promote athletics at C-FC School in an atmosphere that is consistent with the education philosophy of the school community.
   b.) To foster and promote good will and fraternal spirit among members.
   c.) To promote and encourage better attendance to all sports activities by the parents, friends of the athletes, the students, and the faculty of the school.
   d.) To promote and encourage more young men and women to get involved in athletics, either as an active participant or as a volunteer assistant such as statisticians, managers, ect.