2011 Football:  Can't Break Our Toys!

Can’t break Our Toys!
Coach Steve Lyga
What should we expect this year,
as the new football season rolls around?
We have high hopes but questions arise,
could we make a run for the Dairyland crown?

Our football numbers are up a bit,
with 36 athletes out for this sport.
Twelve freshmen need to learn at an incredible pace,
with four hour practices, there will be tryouts of sorts.

Absent are 11 seniors from last years group,
who led us (twice) to the play-off promised land.
We’ll try to put kids in appropriate positions,
and then attempt a run to the play-offs again.

While we are always vying to make the post-season,
this year we feel we can challenge the Dairyland’s best.
There is an air of confidence that surrounds this team,
as we rebuild and put these new Pirates to the test.

Chris Ritscher and Henry Pichner are back once again,
as former Pirates, they’re more than ready to lead.
Jesse Bollinger and Daryl Crowson bring added experience,
individually and together, they’ll help these Pirates succeed.

Tanner Lyga and Robbie Blahnik are now coaching the Pirates,
fresh from Wisconsin’s All Star football game.
Each will be given football coaching responsibilities,
and that feeling of “being a Pirate” remains the same.

The coaches got together to take our coaching exam,
as the C-FC football staff has always done.
With a miscommunication about the new coaching log ins,
taking our football test more than once wasn’t much fun.

Brandon Boynton and Nick Pehler will guide us as captains,
there are just seven seniors on this year’s team.
Dillon Swenson and Andrew Wolfe will lead the offensive line,
DD will move to the tight end and run the back seam.

Logan Hoffmann will play the defensive middle and running back,
Krifton Gibbons will back up the defensive line.
The other positions will be filled by juniors and sophomores,
a number of younger players are awaiting their time.

A good mixture of experience and youth at the skill positions,
will be combined to help fill our needs.
We seem to have some good athletes with intelligence,
we hope the mixed ingredients will help C-FC succeed.

Junior, Parker Lyga will be back playing wide receiver,
while Mitchell Hunger will play on the offensive line.
Newcomer, Jordan Suhr will step in to play defensive back,
Paul Sharlau and Chad Pronschinske will play d-back at times.

Sophomore, Cale Lisowski has earned the quarterback position,
Dillon Geiger’s place on the offensive line is sealed.
Jordan Eikamp will develop more skills each and every game,
Evan Skroch will work his way into the defensive backfield.

We switched our 4 hour practices back to the mornings,
as our football coaches became available once more.
The football season is starting in the first week of August this year,
two games played before the school opens it doors!

Practice went on at an exhilarating pace,
until one morning practice, we were missing a boy.
He had left before starting practice to retrieve his diabetic bag,
Where‘s Waldo?…., no wait! “Where’s Troy?”

After he didn’t return, we went into a state of worry,
he should have returned to the school a while ago.
We decided to organize a search party of only adults,
though teammates volunteered, they were told “no“.

Our scrimmage at Luther was canceled because of the rain,
“No” reps were given for a young defense requiring a test.
We needed this scrimmage to evaluate our players and schemes,
frustration and question marks allowed us no rest.

We promoted Dylan Duellman to be our third captain,
the other spot will be rotated throughout the team.
A number of deserving student-athletes will get an opportunity,
a chance to lead us out, is a football players dream!

The Pepin-Alma Eagles are first in line,
bringing with them, lots of experience and size.
An early breakaway by their quarterback for a score,
but we stormed ahead with Boynton, Eikamp and the guys.

Because of a “family vacation” that wasn’t his own,
one of our players skipped four practices starting out.
Not getting in the game for the first half put us two scores behind,
he would have made a huge difference, no doubt.

We were a little bit weak in our defensive backfield,
other personnel would need to be adjusted as well.
The Eagles ran the same off-tackle play repeatedly,
our defensive players and scheme never really gelled.

Our offensive unit is relatively inexperienced,
with a nearly complete offensive backfield being quite young.
Our passing game showed a great deal of promise,
After 48 minutes, the final words of the fat lady were sung.

With two interceptions thrown and three fumbles lost,
we totaled 5 turnovers in the defeat.
Allowing a huge return after cutting the deficit to 6,
our comeback bid had to take the backseat.

We had opportunities to win the opener this season,
but lost by a score of thirty-five to twenty three.
We started to mature and found a sort of team identity,
maybe we should be calling ourselves, “AIR C-FC”?

A new opponent would be added to our schedule,
the Lewiston-Altura Cardinals came flying into town.
An unknown team that we would need to feel out,
all kinds of game schemes and possibilities abound.

After scouting the tape, we decided to “pound the rock“,
keeping the ball away from the Cardinal’s offensive speed.
We ran the ball sixty of a total of 75 plays,
we rushed for 346 yards in making the Cardinals concede.

C-FC had a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter,
until a bad snap over the punter’s head gave L-A new life.
The Pirates eventually held on to a seven point Pirate victory,
this new opponent lived up to the hype.

The “angry birds” of Eleva-Strum are still rebuilding,
from their winless season of 2010.
With a new head coach and new offense as well,
The “Pirate Eleven” scored again and again!

Parker Lyga had a “heads up” punt return for a score,
as the Cardinal player failed to secure the ball down.
With a fifty-eight (58) to six (6) lead at the break,
Touchdowns were being scored all around.

The underclassmen played offense in the second half,
a running clock was used entirely after the break.
We feel we are finally coming together as a unit,
but against the best, do we have what it takes?

Its’ time to set sail to the Norsemen’s port of call,
and attempt to avenge last year’s disappointing defeat.
This task would not be very easy for this year’s Pirates,
Whitehall’s size, speed, and experience will be tough to beat.

Despite being behind by a couple scores at the break,
we attempted a gallant comeback in the next frame.
A half back pass from Parker Lyga to Jordan Suhr,
put us behind by just one score and a quarter remained.

The Pirate “gridders” had three opportunities to score in the 4th ,
but in each drive, we came up just a little bit short.
Not being experienced or able to finish those drives,
the dream of an undefeated conference season, we’ll abort.

There were a number of huge mistakes by the Pirates,
in this incredibly important contest.
Two interceptions, 2 fumbles, and 3 dropped punts,
would haunt us, but then again, we tried our best.

The Pirate defense actually performed pretty well,
but we gave up 3 big plays for easy scores.
We kept steady pressure on the Norse throughout game,
some awfully hard hitting left both teams bruised and sore.

In our last opportunity to try to tie up the Norse,
five downs were awarded to us by the refs.
A final play that we refer to as “Firetruck”,
ended in three or more laterals as we tried our best.

We were now 2 an 2 overall, but still in the running,
and we knew inside, we could turn our season around.
Our freshmen athletes were dropping like flies,
apparently concussions were going around.

The Augusta Beavers were welcomed into the Dairyland,
after a twenty year absence of playing C-FC.
They were winless with 4 consecutive defeats,
and our “Pirate eleven” came out flat as could be.

Interceptions and fumbles were keeping us down,
and in our guts we were reeling from mistakes.
A timely touchdown to Brandon Boynton via the screen,
with just seconds remaining, before the half time break .

That one minute drive and score at the end of the half,
got us believing in the Pirates once again.
C-FC blew out the Beavers in the third quarter,
and finally, with a running clock, a message we did send.

Jordan Eikamp made a visit to the Augusta cornfield,
and was missing for what seemed like, quite a while.
And in our coaching “wisdom”, someone sent Jesse Bollinger after him,
“rocket scientists” on our resumes we surely can’t file!

Dillon Swenson and Jay Schuring each blocked a punt,
Devon Nelton was now stepping up and doing his best.
A three and two overall record will turn out O.K.,
we still believe, we are better than the rest.

We were now two wins and one loss in conference play,
with an epic battle against Blair-Taylor about to unfold.
Their front 6 players averaged 60 pounds each over our line,
but we felt prepared to go for the “gold”.

Of course to win this game, we needed to pass often,
so we were hurt when Parker went down in the 1st.
A fantastic showing by the Pirate defense,
The offense couldn’t have moved the ball much worse.

Dylan Duellman’s 80 yard kick return kept it respectable,
as our Pirates stayed close, being down 14-8 at the break.
Excitement when the Wildcats fumbled to open the 2nd half,
a lead in this game we could actually take.

The C-FC Pirates moved the ball better after the half,
but still failed to get a lot of first downs or yards.
Jordan Eikamp scored on a flea flicker pass from Lisowski,
But a 28-14 loss hit these Pirates quite hard.

We knew inside, we were a better than a .500 team,
but we actually hadn’t proved it out on the field.
To be sitting at 3 and 3 at this point was disappointing,
but we knew the season could be healed.

The remaining line-up seemed to be getting easier,
as we traveled to Indee-Gilmanton on a very chilly night.
The Pirates pounded them for 35 points in first half,
Another running clock for the Pirates felt about right.

On our first play of the game, Lisowski hit Parker on a screen pass,
and after a 60 yard gain, we didn’t look back.
Jordan Eikamp was having another fantastic game,
the J.V.s were called on to play the second half.

A number of the team members came up to Whitehall,
to support me when my father passed away.
These special young men of our C-FC football team,
are becoming even more of a family today.

The Dairyland Conference is looking like three strong teams,
with the remaining 5, fighting for table scraps.
We would now take on Melrose-Mindoro for our homecoming,
the victor would look into the play-offs maps.

This game would double as “Parents Night” to boot,
candy bars were handed out in “Thanks”!
Cale Lisowski and our option game were running wild,
Three Pirate 100 yard rushers were running like tanks.

This may have been the best evening of our home season,
there were no mosquitoes invited along that night.
The Pirate defense recorded 5 interceptions,
A 39 to zero shut-out victory was “out of sight“.

Dylan Duellman was selected homecoming king,
And made the choice to ride along with Kate and his crown.
The football players, coaches, and homecoming crowd
after three quarters were doing Wisconsin‘s “jump around”.

We were off to Lincoln to wrap up our conference season
the Hornets were winless on the year.
“Air C-FC” was throwing the ball around again,
3 straight shutouts had put us in the “big gear.”

I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t mention our linemen,
as these five athletes have been healthy and together all year.
Dillon Swenson, Nick Pehler, Andrew Wolfe are all seniors,
Dillon Geiger and Mitchell Hunger rose to help their senior peers.

With back-to-back-to-back 6 and 3 records,
we were invited to the state playoffs once again.
We were unseeded out of the region’s eight teams,
but there was another opportunity to play for our fans.

C-FC’s only losses this year were to just three teams,
who’s combined record is currently 25 and 2.
We were excited to draw Wisconsin Rapids Assumption,
an impressive 7 and 2 record, but they were someone new.

Rapids brought with them an impressive running back,
and a quarterback who threw the ball extremely well.
A lot of size and speed on their defensive side,
after numerous hours of film study, only time would tell.

Each time that the Royals scored, C-FC had an answer,
and at half time, we were ahead by seven.
This was arguably the Pirates BEST outing of the year,
a Pirate victory would send us to heaven.

With the 23 to 16 C-FC victory,
our Pirates would advance to the second round.
The #1 seeded Pirates of Desoto, now stood in our way,
excitement in our school hallways was all around.

Although the temperature had plummeted
for this Friday Night Lights football game.
C-FC’s Pirates found themselves up 21 to zero at the half,
Let’s get rolling on this year’s “Pirate Train“!

Cale Lisowski came out firing despite three Pirate drops,
then he hit Parker Lyga for a 53 yard score.
Brandon Boynton rumbled up the middle for 86 yards,
Lisowski took an “Ivory” four yards for one more.

After half time, the C-FC Pirates came out with a passion,
we took our first drive to the Desoto one.
We could have “buried the dagger” but fumbled the ball,
Though disappointed, your C-FC Pirates weren’t done.

We made a few mistakes in the third quarter,
and a foolish interception gave Desoto new life.
Our defense would bend but not break for the rest of the game,
with a 34 to 8 victory, we lived up to the hype!

Cale Lisowski ran for another 4 yard score.
Logan Hoffmann burst through the hole for ten.
The tone of this particular game was set awfully early,
as Brandon Boynton’s hit had Desoto players saying “amen“.

We were now one of the top eight D-7 teams in the state,
And it’s off to Greenwood-Granton to keep riding this train.
We were defeated by this squad in the “hurricane” last season,
better prepared we would be, there was everything to gain.

Our school play on Saturday had to be canceled,
while Robert Lupton led us in an assembly for the team.
A “high-kick” dance by myself and the seniors,
Our players were extremely focused on living this dream.

We arrived at Greenwood about 15 minutes late,
but we still seemed ready to be competitive this year.
A blocked punt on our first series sent us reeling and put us behind,
adversity make’s us stronger, so I hear.

We fumbled away our second possession,
a time out was called to settle us down.
Being behind by a 14 to zero score after just 4 minutes,
may have left less confident teams with a lasting frown.

These 2011 C-FC Pirates came storming back,
Cale Lisowski’s scoring run put us behind by eight.
We missed a block and our extra point kick was missed,
we should have used the “Swinging Gate”.

The Pirates and Dillon Swenson pulled off a great onside kick,
apparently, the things we saw on their tapes, didn’t lie.
The Pirates narrowed the gap with a Parker Lyga score,
with our “Swinging Gate”, we missed the point-after try.

Although we failed to tie the score at 14,
we found ourselves confident and back in the game.
Spotting the Indians a fourteen point lead didn’t start too well,
but now, we were living up to our name.

After another fantastic Logan Hoffmann onside attempt,
we were just inches from getting that kick.
We had a tough time stopping their powerful unbalanced offense,
we apparently had no answers for it.

We were down by two points and finally were making a stop,
our defense forced a third down and 24 to go.
The quarterback scramble and a receiver was left open,
a while later, we were down 20-12..., Oh No!

After mishandling a kick-off, we had another good drive,
ending in the zebras missing a pass interference call.
If we could have gotten into halftime being down by one score,
Offensive and defensive adjustments would be made for all.

With just 30 seconds remaining in half number one,
our pass defense blew coverage once more.
We got beat on a flea flicker pass that tore out our soul,
we were stunned, and apparently, not up to the chore.

We went through the worst half time that we have ever had,
there was very little expression on each players face.
We made a lot of second half mistakes on both sides of the ball,
it was like we had already lost the race.

We had a number of calls go against the visiting Pirates,
there were Indian late hits were going on every where.
Our headphones were scratchy throughout the game,
getting any breaks to go our way, just wasn’t there.

All in all, the C-FC Pirates had a fantastic year,
I wouldn’t trade anything for any of these boys.
The seven seniors of 2011 will really be missed,
No one can take away our memories…, or break our toys!

This particular motto was chosen by our seniors,
about protecting “the sandbox” at home or away.
“You Can’t Break Our Toys” is a pre-game regular,
Let’s all close with that saying today….

"Who's Toys?" Our Toys!!!!!!!