4K Lesson Themes

Here is a list of the general themes we use to incorporate all the WI Standards for 4K. If you have any ideas, hobbies or talents that you'd like to share, please let us know.

OPEN HOUSE meetings/Picture Day
Welcome / Routines
Routines and I
My Friends and I
Fire Safety
Transportaion / Outerspace
Halloween/Field Trip
Hall Party/Food Groups
Food Groups
Being Thankful (Family/Food/Shelter)
Sharing, Caring & Giving (shapes)
Santa's Workshop
Winter Wonderland (Snowmen)
Teddy Bears (Teddy Bear Picnic)
Community Helpers
Val. Day/Friendships
Nursery Rhymes
Dr. Seuss (rhyming)
Body Parts/5 Senses
Easter Fun
Born Alive vs. Egg
Spring Weather
Spring Plants
Water Life (river)
Water Fun
Memory Lane