2010 Football: All or Nothing!

                    All or Nothing?  We Gave Our All!
Holy Buckets!, it’s almost fall,
and Pirate football is well under way.
This past summer went by incredibly fast;
will this Pirate football team have something to say?
There are 33 football players all doing their best,
Each of them trying to make their mark.
We’ll strive to get the team focused and ready,
it’s time for 2010 Pirate football to embark.
We anticipate an exceptional football season,
the tools are in place for us to make our move.
We have a lot of experienced players to push us,
we’ll just need to orchestrate our groove.
The captains of this squad are ready to lead,
each has a special quality to share.
Tanner Lyga, Sam White, and Robbie Blahnik,
are experienced, talented, and really care.
The humidity of the summer stayed with us,
as we took lots of breaks to help avoid the heat.
Thunder storms also sent our practices inside,
seems like Mother Nature is hard to defeat.
The scrimmage was again held at Luther,
we’ve been coming here the last couple of years.
This experience would teach us about ourselves,
revealing to us, our weakness’ and fears.
It allowed us to practice our 3-4 defense,
and adjust our personnel packages and schemes.
To position kids where they’ll help us the most,
opportunities to compete were there to be seen.
The offensive unit is headed by Sam White,
as a quarterback he received valuable experience last year.
Michael Pelley and Nate Abts will showcase their running skills,
Ben Bagniewski and Parker Lyga will help put our passing in gear.
This year’s offensive line is led by Tanner Lyga,
Robbie Blahnik and Nick Pehler will flank him at each side.
At tackles we have Tyler Litscher and Dillon Swenson,
Kyle Tollefson and Andrew Wolfe will back-up this ride.
Robbie Blahnik is our inspirational leader on defense,
Brandon Boynton will add strength to the middle too.
White, Pelley, Abts and Parker Lyga will play d-back,
Tim Nelson’s long snapping will be sure and true.
Pehler, Litscher, and Lyga will play our defensive front.
Mitchell Senn and Kyle Tollefson will provide support.
Dylan Duellman and Ben Bagniewski will play the outside,
Andrew Wolfe and Logan Hoffmann will hold down the fort.
As you will realize, our team’s not very big,
but our experience seems to stand tall.
 It’s not the size of the dog in the fight,
but the fight in the dog, after all.
We opened the 2010 season with Pepin-Alma,
and we rolled to a 31 to zero lead at the break.
We didn’t put the ball in the air in second half,
a Pirate 31 to 6 victory did we take!
The Pirates piled up 234 yards in first half,
Abts and Pelley were running extremely well.
Robbie, Tanner and Michael played incredible on defense,
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­as the new defensive unit was starting to gel.
The wishbone running attack was well executed,
as first downs seemed to come at will.
The short passing attack was very efficient early,
a season opening victory is always a thrill.

The New Auburn game was a show of dominance,
as the Pirates pounded the Trojans for the very last time.
We turned the ball over early, but soon turned it on,
scoring 62 points like we were in our season’s prime.
We ran the ball for over 300 yards,
and we passed for 170 yards more.
Michael Pelley scored four touchdowns,
Cale Lisowski and Jordan Eikamp also scored.
Dillon Swenson recorded a safety,
but perhaps the most memorable experience,
Was when a pass was tossed a bit too far,
sending Parker Lyga over the fence!
Alma Center Lincoln came flying into town,
riding a huge 40 point victory of their own.
Our Pirate eleven came out of the gate swinging,
a C-FC Pirate victory made the hornets frown.
The Pirate defense allowed just 46 yards,
over the 48 minutes that we are allowed to play.
An astounding 46 to 6 dismantling of the Hornets,
this year’s Pirates appear to have something to say.
Sam White recorded three interceptions on defense,
Tanner Lyga recovered 2 Hornet fumbles to boot.
Mike Pelley scored three Pirate touchdowns,
Bagniewski, White, Lisowski and Abts followed suit.
A running clock just into the fourth quarter,
allowed all of the younger Pirates a chance to play.
“Mitchell, Go Back” was called out to the field,
A misunderstanding, is all I could say.
Indee-Gilmanton arrived to our homecoming game,
they were yet winless, but always a tough draw.
The Pirates built up 30 to 7 lead as the half came to a close,
a C-FC screen was intercepted leaving us quite raw.

This game actually got close because of Pirate turnovers,
we put the ball on the ground four times.
Our defense stepped up and took control,
to leave without the victory would be a crime.
Tim Nelson hauled in two interceptions,
as Tristan Marklowitz added one of his own.
Robbie Blahnik and Sam White led the team on defense,
A 42-22 Homecoming victory had been shown.
Our defense gave up 129 total yards to the Indees,
allowing just 59 rushing yards on thirty-six tries.
The Pirate offense totaled 400 plus yards,
hats off to these C-FC defensive guys!
The Dairyland has two undefeated teams remaining,
the Pirates and Wildcats have each earned 2 wins.
C-FC and Blair-Taylor were on a collision course,
the winner would be sporting championship grins.
Against the Blair-Taylor Wildcats we were focused,
a fantastic game was witnessed by all who came.
The game was moved to Saturday afternoon,
torrential rainfalls in our area were to blame.
It looked as if the Pirates had more fans in attendance,
and this was the Wildcat’s homecoming game.
We knew inside this could make or break our season,
so we played our hearts out for pride and the fame.
We sported an early six to three lead,
but found ourselves down 10 to 6 after two.
We had a couple opportunities to score,
a missed field goal just didn’t go through.
In the fourth quarter a little excitement arose,
as Michael Pelley stripped the ball.
But runner was called down, “apparently” by contact,
it was hard to believe that call.

The Pirates ended up losing the game to the Cats,
sixteen to six was the final score.
We played a great game with nothing more to give,
a feeling of accomplishment left us happy, yet sore.
Frederic was a team of power and size,
as the Pirates sailed 3 hours to the Viking’s home port.
We held our own and were still tied at the half,
But the second half intensity we just couldn’t support.
The rains came pouring down after halftime,
as our Pirate defense got pounded on the ground.
We also tossed a total of three interceptions,
A 54 to 20 defeat turned high hopes to a frown.
In our third consecutive game on the road,
we traveled to the Melrose-Mindoro corral.
The Pirates marched up and down field against the Mustangs
but give-aways, again, put our backs to the wall.
We ended up accumulating 5 turnovers in this game,
but this year’s Pirates would not be denied.
Tanner Lyga blocked a Mustang extra point kick before half,
to help keep the score on our side.
Onside kicks earned us extra possessions,
as these may have changed the momentum alone.
The contest was finally sealed for the Pirates,
as Tanner fell on ball for a touchdown in the end zone.
The game with the Norsemen was worth waiting for,
as the Pirates played well throughout the game.
We out gained the Norse by shutting down their pass,
getting zero yards passing was pretty lame!
We had more opportunities to pull out the victory,
but we stalled in red zone a number of times.
An interception just before halftime took it’s toll,
A fumble also stopped us in our prime.

We entered the second half with determination
As we powered the ball once more.
A half back pass to Nate Abts was just out of reach
We ended up losing the game, 20 to 24.
Eleva-Strum has been a former state power,
but this year, things weren’t going their way.
They were sporting a winless 0-8 record,
and things weren’t about to change today.
C-FC held a 32-0 lead at the half,
As the Pirates passed and ran the ball extremely well.
A forty to nothing shut-out finale,
as the former state champions finally fell.
Mike Pelley would play his final game for the Pirates,
as an illness would finally take its toll.
4 touchdowns in just over one half of football,
This Pirate offense was really on a roll.
C-FC finished conference play in 2nd place,
and in division 7 playoffs we earned a #2 seed.
Our reward would be a home playoff game,
an opportunity to show off our athletes and speed.
Greenwood-Granton would now stand in our way,
their offense is a version of the double wing.
A roaring wind also moved in the day of the game,
combined with bitter cold weather that would really sting.
C-FC’s game plan after watching two of their films,
indicated for us to pass the ball out to the flats.
But 40 to 45 mile per hour winds changed our plans,
during pre-game warm-ups while holding onto our hats.
Greenwood had a solid running back,
who would run you over instead of going around.
A few of our defenders met this power head on,
the momentum wouldn’t let him slow down.

To say the least, we got our butts whooped,
too much wind would have a say in the game.
We really felt we couldn’t pass like we should,
A few fumbles were lost, but we were all to blame.
Our football season came to an abrupt end,
but overall, it was an overwhelming success.
We played with heart, we gave it our all,
and for that reason, we feel quite blessed.
I am extremely proud of the way these boys played,
they were dedicated and did all they could do.
The seniors we’ll miss for all they have given,
for their dedication and hearts that are true.
 We wish each of you the best in future endeavors,
and especially in the sports that you play.
Each of these athletes has given a part of themselves,
and we salute your efforts today.
Not one of us gathered here tonight,
can question the effort we decided to give.
We came, we saw, we did our best,
“All or Nothing” is how we‘ll choose to live.