One Team…One Family….One Goal!
By Steve Lyga

Once again, we’re really excited,
in the hallowed halls of C-FC.
For the coming of a new softball season,
and the possibility…, of what could be.

The nucleus of last year’s squad remains,
absent are Erica Willadsen and Nikki Dahl.
With 8 of the 10 starters returning this season,
we expect to play championship softball.

As the indoor practice season began in March,
our softball numbers again, were strong.
A lot of participants in the upper classes,
and some freshmen we’ll need to bring along.

A scrimmage at Holmen to start the season,
was canceled because of the rain and the cold.
But with a powerful ten run victory over Hope Lutheran,
we began the 2011 season pretty bold.

The final score was 11 to 1 in 5 innings,
as freshman Abbey Killian struck out five in all.
Our defense was awesome and committed only one error,
Sadie Cieminski had 2 hits, and was standing pretty tall.

The Pirates were now on a mission to pluck the Cardinals,
in this match-up, we tend to play everyone and coast.
Our starters were relieved after two innings of play,
another 10 run victory we would toast.

Cieminski and Kelly Hunger got a chance to pitch,
only two hits were surrendered in this game.
A couple of errors by our reserve infielders,
but a 14 to 2 score victory certainly has no shame.

Our schedule needs a few more tough opponents,
so we arranged two games against Chippewa Falls.
The snow stuck around on the fields up North,
the “Macks” arrived, with the umps that make the calls.

The Lady Pirate came out with fire in their eyes,
and in the 1st inning, Kate Willadsen sent one deep.
The defensive unit was playing incredible ball,
winning this contest would be a giant leap.

In nearly every inning that we batted,
the Pirates had runners on second or third.
We just didn’t get the timely hits,
to make these Lady Pirates be heard.

By a final score of two to one,
our “Diamond Girls” defeated one of the best.
Abbey Killian struck out eleven and walked just two,
gatorade and cookies were given to our guest.

In game two, however, our emotions were spent,
I guess we had very little left in our tank.
Without having a true back-up pitcher to take the reigns,
four errors were surrendered from our ranks.

A 9 to 2 loss kept the Pirates grounded,
and this early season lesson may not hurt.
We earned a split against a solid softball team,
for a state title, they will eventually flirt.

Alma’s road to their softball field was flooded,
so the Rivermen were brought down river to C-FC.
The cold weather had a major effect early on the game,
but eventually, a 16 to 4 Pirate victory.

The game was certainly not textbook C-FC softball,
as the Pirates committed seven errors in all.
But the Rivermen pitchers walked us 11 times,
and when we needed to…, we really hit the ball!

Katie Krueger hit a towering home run,
and also doubled off the center field wall.
She and Becca Bagniewski totaled 4 RBI’s a piece,
each responded when they got “the call”.

The 2011 Pirates are now four wins and one loss,
as the Indee-Gilmanton squad now stands in the way.
A close game through the first three innings,
we’re not about to let this one get away!

Willadsen and Krueger, once again, were hot,
as each had a double along with another hit.
Bagniewski also had a double with three rbi’s
after the ten to one victory, another fire was lit.

A total of nine Pirate batters each collected,
at least one hit in their attempts at the plate.
The defense committed just one single error,
as Killian struck out 6 at the gate.

We headed to Lincoln to swat down the bees,
they are a talented team without a lot of wins.
We scored 10 runs in the first three innings,
and got every one of our substitutes in.

Holly White and Sadie Cieminski each garnered 3 hits
as the Pirates pounded out 16 hits in all.
A 16 to zero shutout victory,
there were NO Pirate errors to call.

It was now time for a Dairyland showdown,
as we traveled to Blair-Taylor and the undefeated Cats.
A decisive victory in this formidable match up,
would gain a step on the Dairyland stats.

The Pirates jumped off to a 2 run lead in the first,
and after two, it was C-FC 6 and the Wildcats, 3.
The Pirates loaded the bases in the 4th to no avail,
it was really as cold as could be.

Abbey Killian really out-dueled Blair-Taylor,
by striking out a total of 8 of the Cats.
But an error and a mental mistake in the 7th inning,
left the door open for Blair-Taylor’s bats.

The Lady Pirates had lost in the Dairyland Conference
for the first time in over a year.
Perhaps the cold weather and inability to get that big hit,
were reasons, not excuses, to drop a losing tear.

It’s rebound time and we’re off to Eau Claire,
the Lancers of Immanuel are always solid and real.
It’s time to get our ship on the right track,
if another Pirate victory we could steal.

Once again, we jumped off to a two run lead in the first,
in the fifth, the Pirates managed another score.
It was our defense who allowed only three hits that day,
as “Killian and Company” finally slammed the door.

Kelly McCamley led the offense by having three hits,
Kate Willadsen had two hits and two rbi’s.
Becca Bagniewski had a triple to boot,
with nine total hits, the Pirates were again on the rise.

We headed North to Alma for the final time,
in the first inning we rallied for eight.
Killian had a no hitter through three innings,
we brought in substitutes and tested our fate.

A thirteen to two victory in five innings,
nine different Pirates hammered out 10 hits.
The defense finished the game without a single error,
we were, once again, pretty good with our mitts.

The Cards of Eleva-Strum came flying into town,
in just two innings, we soared ahead by ten.
All 18 Pirates played the field that day,
but a major scare, brought the starters back in.

Kilian and crew had a 1 hitter through 3 innings
so we decided that all team members would play.
But with 5 Cardinal hits and three Pirate errors
a collapse seemed forthcoming that day.

White, Hunger and Bagniewski had two hits apiece
while Becca also drove in a total of four.
Laura Kramer was playing shortstop real well,
Abbey Killian’s 8 strike-outs shut the door.

More work was required for us to bring in the subs,
as we survived the scare, winning 16 to six,
Although we now had a record of 9 wins and 2 losses,
we were forced to go back to the basics.

We were now 8 and 1 in the conference standings,
with Melrose-Mindoro now coming to town.
The Mustangs were now in second place
and we really needed to shut them down.

The score after two innings was tied at two runs apiece,
but in the 5th we added another four.
After an astounding 6 to 2 victory
Who could ask for anything more?

We only manages 6 hits in the contest,
but we held the Mustangs to just five.
With 9 Dairyland victories already under our belt,
our dream of a championship remained alive.

There was major heat when we hosted Lincoln,
and after 4 innings, we were ahead 14 to one.
Our subs were entered and quickly surrendered 7 runs,
Abbey Killian returned to get the job done.

The final score of the game was 18-8,
with Kelly Hunger pounding out 5 hits in 5 at bats.
She also amassed an amazsing 8 RBI’s,
2 hits apiece by Kramer and Liz Bremer also get some pats.

A second game against Indee-Gilmanton
found the Lady Pirates hammering out 12 hits.
We won the game by a score of 8 to 1,
as we kind of expected this.

Abbey Killian ended up throwing a 3 hitter,
and she struck out a total of ten.
The offense was led by Hunger, Bagniewski and Willadsen,
multiple base hits were earned by them.
Whitehall was standing next in line,
as they had clawed their way to second place.
Our home game was canceled for fear of a wet field,
so a double header was now the case.

Double headers are sometimes made up of two 5 inning games,
and both would be played away.
If we could win just one of the two games.
a step closer to the title could be accomplished today.

The Lady Pirates came out strong amassing 8 hits,
while the defense surrendered just two.
We defeated the Norsemen by a score of 5 to 1,
a pre-season goal was getting closer to coming true.

Becca Bagniewski was 2 for three with 2 RBI’s
to lead the Pirate batters at the plate.
Abbey Killian struck out a total of nine,
of the 23 batters that she faced.

Our defensive unit was playing as well as ever,
except for a let-down in inning number five.
Two Pirate errors in the bottom of the 5th,
kept us feeling a bit scared inside.

In the second game of the double header,
Killian and company tossed another two-hitter as well.
But we allowed two runs in the 3rd inning
and by a score of 2 to 0, the Pirates finally fell.

The Blair-Taylor Wildcats were coming into town
and we were playing at C-FC for a change.
Willadsen, White, Cieminski and McCamley earned hits,
and for the C-FC Pirates, “revenge” was in range.

The powerful Wildcat offense was stymied,
as Killian these Diamond Girls won the game 6 to 1.
Kate Willadsen had 3 hits in 4 at bats,
Sadie Cieminski added two RBI’s before she was done.
Off to Rolling Stone to take on Hope Lutheran,
Killian tossed a perfect game through six.
We defeated the Patriots by a score of 12 to 0,
a no hitter was earned with just one error to fix.

McCamley and Kramer led the Pirates in hits,
Bagniewski, White, and Cieminski had multiple RBI’s.
Sixteen of the Pirates saw action that night,
our strong defense was really no surprise.

We tried something different to close out our season.
as we were dressed in pink sweat bands and socks.
Deb Hansen tossed out the first pitch to Jim Cieminski,
Breast Cancer Awareness at our school rocks!

We defeated Eau Claire Immanuel by a score of 3 to zero,
only four hits by the defense were given up in all.
Willadsen and Cieminski led the Pirates in hitting,
Mikahla Murphy doubled when she got the call.

Although we had a great record (17-3)
a number 2 seed was coming our way.
With a full week off to prepare for the tournament
and the unseen challenges of our graduation day.

Our first opponent would be Alma Center Lincoln,
the Pirates “10 run ruled” them twice this year.
Three starters were held out the first few innings,
but we appeared confident, not showing fear.

The Hornets jumped off to a 4 run lead
we were blown away by the wind and the score.
Eventually, we got it all back together
but this contest turned out to be a real chore.

In the early innings a “shot” rang out,
with the sound of solid contact on the ball.
But the Lincoln batter did not arrive safely on base,
Bethany Schmitt went airborne, to seal the call.

We always had pride, we always had faith
and in our hearts, we knew we wouldn’t fail.
A fire was started by the team’s “family” of support
it was now the Pirates turn to set sail.

The Diamond Girls chipped away and never gave up,
driving two runs in the 7th to tie the score.
Two walks and a sacrifice and a double to the gap,
Kate Willadsen’s focus and poise was up for the chore.

An 8 to 7, eight inning victory sent us soaring,
and now, the Pepin Lakers were standing in our way.
We’ll have to travel to their home field,
a “big challenge”, yet, we’ll have something to say.

We put up a short fence at our home field,
we made our dugout as small as could be.
The girls prepared for the fight of the season,
our season’ goal, we could still see.

The Lady Pirates jumped out to a one to nothing lead
but two errors in the second allowed a Laker score.
We earned the lead back on a Kramer R B I in the third,
our defense kept shutting the door.

Two C-FC errors in the 5th allowed two Pepin runs,
and an illegal pitch allowed another to touch the plate.
Two misjudged fly balls in the swirling wind,
a two run deficit may have sealed our fate.

C-FC’s Diamond girls were far from finished,
as into the outfield, we pounded balls real hard.
But the Pepin outfielders made some terrific plays,
we were finally putting the Lakers on guard.

The seventh inning brought with it some excitement,
a base on balls, followed by a Kate Willadsen hit.
Two pop outs to the athletic Pepin shortstop,
but sophomore, Laura Kramer wasn’t ready to quit.

A line shot, base hit into center field,
with a quick relay to the shortstop and throw.
The C-FC runner hesitated between third base and home,
an out at the plate left the team feeling quite low.

The result was a disheartening four to two defeat,
disappointments are not always what they seem.
Perhaps, we did not make one of our lofty goals
but we achieved real growth as a team.

Five seniors made the final appearance of their lives,
as they represented this school called C-FC.
They gave us their best in the opportunities received,
life is now challenging them to go out and succeed.

Kayla Palkowski played an awesome second base,
Katie Krueger hit the ball hard as the D P.
Megan Hurlburt was called on to come up with a key hit,
a golden glove should go to Kelly McCamley.

Perhaps the best senior season was arguably played
beyond the remarkable defensive play of Sadie Cieminski.
A car accident last summer may have slowed her down,
but there was emotional stress from her Dad’s chemotherapy.

Each one of these seniors has their own story to tell,
but that chapter doesn’t end with a graduation gown.
The remaining “Diamond Girls” will be providing moral support,
for the eventual career choice they will have found.

Let’s not forget that these young ladies won 18 games,
and that’s truly a feat in itself.
We never quit or gave up in any game this year,
and we put another championship trophy on the shelf.

These girls came together as a strong unit,
not one person on this squad was bigger than the team.
The sum of all parts is what we strived for all season,
as we became “ONE FAMILY”!