Donation Request Form Parent-Teacher Organization

The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) prides itself on being a support system for our students, teachers, and parents. With many family events hosted in the course of a year, it is our goal to use the funds raised from these events for things such as; special projects, scholarships, and general needs that the School District does not or can no longer fund. While our organization is very small, we will try our best to give support when asked. The following guidelines have been established in order to be fair to everyone who requests assistance from the CFC PTO.

• A one-time monetary donation can be considered per grade, per year to help fund field trips. We ask that you first go to the families in your class asking each one to pay the full amount you need to take the trip (and even considering asking families for extra donations to help cover costs for those who can’t afford it). The CFC PTO can then be asked to help subsidize the amount you are short to take the trip.
• A one-time monetary donation can be considered per group, per year to help fund things such as competitions, performances, school parties, and other special events.
• Scholastic credits can be requested from us to supply things such as books, reading tools, and other things pertinent to building an educational foundation for both students and teachers.
• The CFC PTO will consider monetary or material donations for things such as; benefits, silent auctions, fundraisers, and more. These will be based on individual needs and requests.

If you are unsure about whether your need qualifies for a donation, request it! We’re happy to consider donations requests on a case by case basis.

Please fill out the information below and submit to the CFC PTO by either putting in our mailbox in the Elementary Office or you may email us if an urgent request by sending to any CFC PTO Officer. See the schools website for contact information, under the PTO tab on the left side of the page.

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