2009 Football Rhyme

Tossin’ and Burnin’ All Night!
Steve Lyga
Hey, It’s two thousand and nine
and football season has arrived once again.
We’re down a bit in our football numbers,
but we feel there’s some talent in our den.

There are thirty-three high school athletes
trying to make this years’ Pirate football team.
Each individual will make a difference,
some will come to realize their dream.

Last year, we lost a shipload of seniors,
from one of the top defenses in the land.
But it’s time to re-tool our entire team,
so we can be competitive once again.

Henry Pichner is back running the defense,
he’s had this job assignment for a number of years.
Chris Ritscher is now on the coaching staff,
from a shop teacher assignment, he’ll be shifting gears.

Jesse Bollinger is really excited to hang with us,
he’s here "coaching" the kids once more.
Daryl Crowson is still our video guy,
and Kyle Platteter is a C-FC Pirate to the core.

Once again our football roster is fairly small in size,
we will not have a great deal of girth.
There’s only one 200 pound athlete on our squad,
but this team will play hard for all that it’s worth.

Karl Hoffmann Jr., will play some quarterback,
Justin Scheel will compete as a receiver and a back.
Kevin Weis will lead the special teams doing returns;
he’ll help lead our offensive and defensive attack.

We only have a total of four seniors,
who have participated previously in this game.
But we have one who is now playing as a rookie,
He wears #72, Justin Terek is his name.

Our offensive line has to be almost totally re-done,
Senior, Cody Wolfe has seen some valuable time.
Robbie Blahnik will switch from fullback to guard.
Nick Pehler will also change positions and move into the line.

Tanner Lyga will bring some size to the center position,
he’s intelligent, poised, and ready to hold down the fort.
Tyler Litscher will be holding down the tackle position,
Tim Nelson will long snap and catch passes, long and short.

Nate Abts will be switching from running back to tight end.
Sam White will have opportunities to excel at each.
Michael Pelley will add shiftiness to our backfield.
But these new underclassmen, we’ll need to re-teach.

Brandon Boynton is really starting to come around,
and he’ll challenge for a starting linebacker spot.
Fellow sophomore, Nick Pehler will play defensive end:
he’ll give that position all that he’s got.

Our experienced and talented defensive ends are gone,
we certainly hope to match their aggressiveness and skill.
Our linebackers, Blahnik and Pelley seem to have what it takes,
Scheel, Weis, and White are ready to “Kill, Kill, Kill”.

The defensive line will need to be a rotation,
Lyga, Wolfe, and Fischer will have to compete.
Mitchell Senn and Kyle Tollefson are challenging for time,
Our defensive strength and size will start out pretty weak.

We took the bus trip to the scrimmage in Onalaska.
The junior varsity got to play in a scrimmage too.
We learned a great deal about our team’s character.
We came out and did what we had to do.

Our play versus Crawford, Bangor, and Luther
seemed to be successful without a lot of fuss.
Although alterations had to be quickly made,
when one of our own, slept in and missed the bus.

Our season was about to get started,
moves were made and we were ready to start.
Our offense is leaning towards the spread offense,
our kids athleticism will set us apart.

The Pepin-Alma Eagles would be first in line.
These two opponents are now joined together as one!
Their combined fourteen seniors will be a challenge.
Participating in football history will be a lot of fun.

We actually defeated each of these opponents a year ago,
but combined, a real challenge will arise.
The Eagles will continue to improve throughout the season.
I’m glad it’s an early game when we take on these guys.

We battled to an impressive 20 to zero half-time lead,
But after intermission, we came out a little bit flat.
A long drive and a blocked punt return for a touchdown,
made the score a great deal closer than that.

Big interceptions by senior, Kevin Weis
kept the Eagles out of the end zone, not once, but twice.
Karl Hoffmann took control in the 4th quarter,
Opening the season with a 20-14 victory feels pretty nice!

We now would entertain the Trojans of New Auburn.
This should be a fairly easy opponent for us.
A sixty to zero blowout victory,
It seemed like their squad never got off of the bus.

The varsity offense was efficient and actually scored,
on six of the seven plays that we ran.
C-FC had 38 points, but just 30 total yards,
this victory wasn’t even good for the fans.

At the start of quarter number two,
Parker and the JV were placed on the offensive attack.
The younger kids seized the opportunity to show their stuff,
as they had kept the undefeated Pirates on track.

Sam White and Karl Hoffmann were scoring touchdowns,
Defensive pressure had set up a couple more.
Weis was having a huge day returning punts,
the Trojan long snapper and center appeared to be pretty poor.

Our next opponent kept the Pirates buzzing,
as the Hornets from Alma Center-Lincoln we fought.
A 20 to zero fourth quarter lead had us feeling high,
but with a fake Hornet punt, we got ourselves caught.

We finally swatted the Hornets and swept them away,
Kevin Weis apparently saw some stars near the end.
By a final score of twenty-eight to six,
a message to the state voters did we send.

The Pirates of C-FC were ranked in FOOTBALL!
We achieved a rank of #7 in the state polls.
We’ll take the accolades, but keep on pursuing
the rest of our 2009’s season goals.

We’re now three and zero, we need to keep rolling,
the Indees of Independence-Gilmanton are now in our sights.
We battled well through the game’s first 24 minutes,
owning a 14 to zero lead in the first two frames of the fight.

During the 2nd half our offense caught fire,
as big pass completions finally came through!
It was the third straight game that the J.V.s got action,
a thirty-four to six Pirate victory ensued.

Kevin Weis had scored four touchdowns in this rivalry,
and he got to celebrate them at the Indee Homecoming dance.
The defense would sometimes bend, but was never broken,
Our season’s goals were becoming more than just chance.

Looking at the schedule before this seasons’ start,
we actually felt we would find ourselves here.
Four victories and NO defeats was an early season goal,
a much anticipated Blair-Taylor rematch is getting near.

Last season, mistakes by our special teams
allowed the Wildcats to creep away.
The team from Blair-Taylor went on to win the Dairyland title,
and that memory still hurts our feelings today!

A touchdown just before halftime by the Wildcats,
had dropped the 2009 Pirates behind by six.
A dropped pass in the middle of the third quarter,
could have put us ahead and kept us in the mix.

A twenty-five to seven defeat by the Wildcats,
left the Pirate’s season record at four and one.
One more conference victory puts us in the playoffs;
we need to look forward and just “get it done“!

We’ll need to get this Pirate ship back on course,
a feeling of confidence we’ll need to sell.
Another non-conference game with Bruce High School,
this team is a division seven opponent as well.

We’ll be short a number of our starters,
possible impetigo and other injuries kept some kids away.
But the kids stepped up and played pretty hard,
hey, we’re five wins and one loss, as of today!

Kyle Tollefson was primed and ready to step in and play,
Mitchell Senn and Double D were also up to the chore.
Ben Bagniewski waited patiently to get some game action,
and this opportunity also gave the Pirates a score.

An even battle in the second with little time remaining,
we found Timmy Nelson open in the end zone.
That strike from Karl Hoffmann really got us going,
Division seven opponents we seem to own.

A forty to fifteen Pirate victory,
our offense would once again gel.
This squad had bounced back from our only defeat,
but there’s no time for this celebration to dwell.

A powerful herd of Ponies from Melrose-Mindoro,
will now come trotting proudly into our town.
They have a ton of seniors who really pound the weights,
their brand of power football seems to be coming around.

We fumbled the game’s opening kick-off,
and this would certainly set the evening’s tone.
Weis is not in the Pirate line-up once again,
a concussion had weakened our “spread bone“.

We battled the Mustangs pretty well at times,
but apparently, we just didn’t have what it takes.
You have to be playing your best football,
when you’re competing for such high stakes.

A crushing defeat by the Mustangs by 20 points,
had left us wounded and licking our sores.
We’ll need to regroup for another big battle,
these same Ponies were already defeated by the Norse.

We’re a few men short as we sailed into Whitehall,
a team that has become powerful once more.
If we could pull off a convincing or even a small victory,
division seven play-offs would have an open door.

Blake Lara and Ben Bagniewski were former back-ups,
but now they are helping us compete for a play-off spot.
Each will have to step up and play their ultimate best,
both will have to give the Pirates all that they’ve got.

Déjà vu is certainly an understatement,
as we fumbled the opening kick-off once again.
But this contest remained close through 1 and ½ quarters,
then Whitehall found our weak spots again…. and again.

Trick plays kept the Norse offense on the field,
as our back-up players weren’t quite up to par.
We did score 28 points in this one sided defeat.
Whitehall’s Kevin Berg had scored a bunch more.

We haven’t defeated the Eleva-Strum Cardinals,
since Pichner’s junior year, and we can’t wait to play.
Our squad will be undermanned once again,
because of some injuries and the national FFA.

One of our senior players, Justin Scheel,
who gives his all and never gets off the football field.
Actually competed for, and brought home, a national title
but inside, he was hoping that reserves would seal the deal.

This contest was close until just after halftime,
when the Pirates came out fired up and ready to play.
The Cardinals of Central seemed to give up,
the C-FC Pirates made a statement today!

We finished 3 and 3 in the Dairyland conference,
but our season record is much better at six and three.
This record appears to be just enough to get in,
It’s now up to the WIAA, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Wow, the Cochrane-Fountain City Pirates are in!
The play-offs we have finally achieved.
A quick viewing of the Desoto game films.
After the third viewing, we started to believe.

Desoto was undefeated through 9 games,
and to the Pirates it was a horrible draw.
But we felt inside, we could knock them off,
if we played an entire game without a flaw.

We planned to spread out these big ol’ boys;
their line was as big as the former Berlin Wall.
An empty backfield was added to our arsenal of plays,
and the Quads formation, I had to recall.

On the morning of this all-important contest,
more bad news came calling our way.
Illness had taken away a few more of our starters,
it was looking like it was going to be a rough day.

We’ll be a bit short handed, but we’re not giving in,
we need to stand our ground and put up a fight.
Now is the time to show our real character,
the competitive feeling had never felt so right.

Out of the 22 positions on offense and defense,
we would be seven short as we took the field.
These young Pirates just wouldn’t give up or give in.
Our young Pirates are the real deal!

The field that we played on was always called the “Pit”,
we were standing in water, the field unfit to play.
But the game went on after our official complaints,
We were going to be playing play-off football today!

An early Pirate touchdown was called back,
by foolish contact that should not have been made.
A “rookie” mistake kept us out of the end zone,
It seemed to rain on the “Pirates” parade.

A long touchdown drive by Desoto’s Pirates,
and a poorly thrown screen pass added some more.
But our Pirates fought back and nearly tied the game
We were behind, but 16 to 14 was the score.

We actually had the opportunity to tie the game,
as an extra point play that went to the air.
The ball went off of our receiver’s hands,
we tossed the infamous “Teddy Bear”.

With 10 second remaining in the first half,
a long scoring play seemed to break our back.
There wasn’t any more air in the Pirates’ sails.
That score seemed to stifle our Pirate attack.

The C-FC Pirates fought gallantly,
but had succumbed to good Desoto team in the end.
The players declined the playing of “3’s a Crowd“,
all of our energy we had already spent.

These kids from C-FC had earned some respect
from the players and fans of our foe.
We hit them hard and proved we belonged,
with extreme pride, our hearts showed a definite glow.

I can’t say enough about these young athletes,
being down in numbers, but never quite out.
I wonder how this game would have ended,
if we were all healthy when we started this bout.

This season turned out as expected,
we were actually quite young as a football team.
Thank you to each and every parent and fan,
These 2009 Pirates were really as good as they seemed!

Our challenge will be to step it up in 2010,
to grow stronger and develop a bit more.
The seeds have been sewn, the tracks have been laid,
trying to win the championship will be our chore.

All year, I’ve talked to the squad about opportunities,
they don’t come around every day.
We’ll be a bit more prepared as the new season rolls around,
we wish these seniors would be able to stay.

But, it’s time to move on, the seniors will depart,
we’re going to miss their leadership and skill.
May each go forward in life without fear,
Each of these young men has a lifetime of dreams to fulfill.

As closure comes full circle for the senior football players,
the rest of this team still has other goals in full sight.
As we continue what these young leaders have started,
we hope to continue “Tossin’and Burnin’ all night“!