Policy Governance

The concept of Policy Governance was first introduced to the school board in 2004 as a result of the board at that time wanting to change how they did business and clarify roles of the administration and school board. There was a desire to move toward a governance model that held administration and shcool boards accountable, but also gave the administration the flexibility to make decisions based on logic and student achievement. Through the past five years Policy Governance has been researched with the most development coming in the form of policy writing within the past two years. As a result of the board's efforts, the policies have been written in a manner that is applicable to the C-FC district. It is unclear exactly how many Wisconsin school districts are using Policy Governance, but we know at least a half dozen that have enough experience incorporating it to acquire good information in the development process. At the December 17, 2008 regular school board meeting, the Policy Governance policy manual was introduced as a first reading to incorporate the policies.

As with all board and administrative operations, collaboration and understanding is the key to a successful organization. And in the case of educational institutions, that success results in a student focused environment for positive learning. With all of us fulfilling our roles and remaining objective the success of the students of C-FC will continue into the future. The final reading and approval of the Policy Governance manual was on January 28, 2009.