2006 Football Rhyme:  Wingin' It!

“WINGIN’ IT” 2006
by Coach Steve Lyga

Another football season is upon us,
And we’ve got some experience back.
Some players will have to play new positions.
A BIG offensive line, we still lack.

Last season, the wins didn’t come quite as easy,
As perhaps, they had come in the past.
The kids will need to have heart; we’ll all do our best.
We’ll have to develop the entire cast.

As we issued equipment to the new Pirates,
Surprisingly, we’ve suited up forty-one(41).
The numbers seem to be moving back up,
These young guys could have a lot of fun.

Some of the kids came out just to “try” football.
Other kids, didn’t show up or just walked away.
Small schools give kids opportunities to play sports,
But kids are really quite different today.

After a week of practicing football
A number of players dropped out.
But for the remaining twenty seven young athletes,
“Team” is what it’s all about!

Maybe it’s a lack of work ethic,
Maybe today’s young people just don’t care.
But we’re committed to working with the kids that stay out,
And playing time,... they’ll get their share.

Dog tags were earned and awarded
by the remaining members of the squad.
They represented Character, Fortitude, and Courage,
All were requirements to play on this sacred Pirate sod.

Our squad was also missing a team member
from last years Pirate “Brotherhood”.
Our youngest manager left this world this past winter,
And he would certainly be here, if he could.

But now he’s “running” around in a better place,
With his Pirate jersey, he’s earned his fame.
This year, the Pirates all wore football helmet stickers
Bearing our lost Brother’s name.

Red stickers bearing the name “Dusty”
were placed on every helmet and wheel chair.
His big brother, Jon was still one of the Pirate leaders.
Taylor Richmond and Jon make quite the pair.

It’s now Jon and Taylor’s job
To proudly lead the “gridders” out.
The feeling of being part of a team.
Is what “Pirate Football” is all about!

Daryl Crowson will still be in charge of video-taping our games,
Jesse Bollinger will be our Chief Hydration Engineer.
Parker and Cale will be the ball boys again,
Jerad Tuxen, Tim Hermann, and Arturo Veloz will help by just being here.

There’s not too many seniors football players
In the field of players again this year.
We’ll do our best to fill the gaps,
Our ship, underclassmen must learn to steer.

Tyler and Josh Pronschinske will lead the receivers,
Collin Jensen will spearhead the “D”.
Sean Johnston will “Roll” with the offensive line.
In the backfield, multi-talented Cody Lisowski.

Collin is back with a rebuilt knee,
After sitting out part of last season’s ordeal.
He and Josh are the captains, they’ll need to lead.
Here’s hoping that Collin’s knee has healed!

Cieminski, Greshik, and Auer are back on the attack
As are Gabrick, Julson, Platteter, and Scheel.
We’ll have some newcomers, Rolbiecki,Brandt, and Marin.
They will be learning to take over the wheel.

Joining “Pillsbury” on the line
will be John Borgwardt, and John Schmidtknecht as well.
Alex “the Germanator” will learn this game.
Back home, he’ll have stories to tell.

There are other Sophomores, as well
Who could see action on the field.
Bubba, Ben Helwig,Abts, and Cowboy Troy
Have opportunies to get playing time that’s real.

Last season’s quarterback moved on.
To our neighbors in Arcadia he would flee.
We’ll make some adjustments, it’ll turn out just fine
But we’ll have to wait and see.

With such a glaring hole at the quarterback spot,
the Pirates will do their best to survive.
We’ll try to put in a new offensive scheme.
The “Single Wing” offense might keep us alive!

The single wing offense is really unique
It doesn’t use a quarterback, you see.
Instead of snapping the ball to just one person,
We can actually snap it to three!

The spin back, the tail back, the blocking back
All may receive the center snap.
It depends on the yardage situation,
The wing could also counter back.

A new defensive coach will have to take over,
The third defensive coordinator in the past three years.
Tom Gotzinger will work with Coach Pichner,
With our size, we’ll play tricks with smoke and mirrors.

The Plum City Blue Devils will be our first test
With a strong and talented team, to say the least.
We’ll unveil our new offense and hope they’re not ready,
We’ll attempt to deceive the “beast”

The beast, however, didn’t roll over,
The Blue Devils certainly didn’t play dead.
They really took it to us, the entire game.
They were as tough as the paper had said.

A long ride to Necedah came next
These guys are the weight room kings.
We played our hearts out, through out the game,
And in the end, we learned some things.

Our protection has to hold up.
Could we cage these Cardinals, at last?
To move the ball with such a small offensive line,
We’ll have to use “shotgun” and pass.

Another defeat! Can we “right” this ship?
Do we really have enough?
Are we able to turn this season around?
Can we be mentally tough?

We’re finally out of this non-conference debacle,
And Indee-Gilmanton is standing in line.
The Indees are 2 and 0, but their opponents were weak.
If we don’t turn the ball over, we’ll do just fine.

On our very first offensive series, however...
We accomplished a mix-up, a fumble, a dropped pass.
To top it all off, the snap went over the punter’s head,
It seemed that our bad luck was going to last.

The Cardinals of Eleva-Strum were waiting,
A run at the state tournament could be in their mist.
They held us in check for the entire contest,
In the end, the number 1 sign rose from their fists.

Not that the Pirates didn’t try.
The effort was certainly shown.
But the hammer fell down hard that night,
Maybe next week’s opponent will change the tone.

Our Homecoming game against Blair-Taylors’ Wildcats
was pretty exciting, to say the least.
It took three overtimes to decide the winner,
Both of our teams were physically beat.

The Wildcats used a power running attack
In the fourth quarter, to tie up the game.
The Pirates came back with a gallant march down the field
To lose this one would really be a shame.

Missed opportunities and interceptions,
Would take our breath away.
We fought so hard, we did our best,
But a victory didn’t come our way.

A twenty-six to twenty, triple overtime loss
was pretty hard to swallow for us all.
But, we grew up today, we competed at last
“Maturity” is what it might be called.

We sailed our ship into Norsemen country,
A powerful team on the rise.
Despite four fumbles in the first quarter alone,
A seven to nothing deficit, was really a surprise.

Yes, Whitehall ended up beating us soundly,
The conference championship, they would eventually win.
We made some huge hits and caused some turnovers,
But fumbling “eleven’ times is really a sin.

We need a new mast for this Pirate ship,
Maybe the Rivermen from Alma could help us out.
If we could play mistake-free ball,
A new sail , as well, we could tout.

But the wind was taken away from our tattered sails,
An important score, we did not complete.
We felt we had what it would take going in,
But mistakes on both sides of the ball spelled out defeat.

Fumbles and drops, missed tackles and blocks,
Sent us back to the drawing board.
We walked the plank for the second year in a row,
It wasn’t our sideline that roared.

The Ponies from Melrose-Mindoro trotted into town
With a dismal season of their own.
A spirited battle by the Pirate eleven
New seeds were about to be sown.

The Pirates battled their hearts out
A victory, they would not be denied.
We branded the “Ponies”, twenty to eight.
It was the monkey on our back that had died!

The last contest of the year brought us Alma Center,
A team with no wins on it’s chart.
This will still be a tough test for the Pirates,
Their incredible size makes them stand apart.

A screen pass got by our defense for huge yards
as we started the first quarter of the game.
An unbelievable “seven to zero” deficit at the half,
The Pirates felt a little lame.

After the half time and its conversations,
The Pirates stormed down the field.
We scored pretty fast on the half’s opening drive.
But the extra point try wasn’t sealed.

The Hornets of Lincoln flew back at us
With a power “I” offense so strong.
That we were pushed along back down the field.
And their season’s first victory came along.

Again this season’s wins, didn’t come too easy.
But we were competitive in most of the games we played.
We finished in a three way tie for sixth place
A foundation for our future has been laid.

These Pirates of C-FC never gave up the ship,
The COURAGE made us scream and shout.
The FORTITUDE that showed as these young men developed,
Our CHARACTER was never in doubt.

“Courage, Fortitude and Character”
The initials spell out “C-FC”.
They describe the young men who stuck it out
For their school..., their pride..., and their communities!