2007 Pirate Football:  Bone Again Pirates tour!

“Bone Again Pirates”; The Tradition Returns!
Coach Steve Lyga

Upon us is a brand new football season!
Things may be starting to turn our way.
The Cochrane-Fountain City Pirate “gridders”,
will once again, have something to say.

The “kids” from the past few seasons are growing up.
Our guys are starting to mature.
It’s all in the cards that we’ll be dealing.
Our intentions are strong and pure.

The single wing offense of last season is gone.
It’s tossed back upon the stack.
We’ll focus on the wishbone option,
and eventually the shotgun “Bear” attack.

The number of players involved on the 2007 squad,
is beginning to see a nice rise.
But we’ll have to come together as a team,
without a whole lot of physical size.

Yes, once again we’re a little small as a team,
but we feel there’s a great deal of heart.
The season is already two weeks old,
and we can’t wait for the real action to start.

A number of seniors will need to step up their game.
The juniors will push them to succeed.
Cieminski, Auer, Borgwardt, and Grotjahn are captains.
Pirate“Black and White”they each bleed.

Dylan Cieminski will lead us with his fire and skill,
Nick Auer with his knowledge and desire.
John Borgwardt will come into his own as a leader of men,
Other senior will stoke the fire.

Jon Grotjahn was chosen to lead the Pirates.
Chances to develop his leadership skills, are a bustin’.
Along with the trailer he pulls behind his chair,
is the memory of “OUR” brother…., Dustin.

Jordan Julson, Marin, Brandt, and Rolbiecki are the other seniors,
who are learning to steer the ship.
Coaches Tim Hermann, Henry Pichner and Jerad Tuxen
will again be cracking the whip.

Coach Pichner will get his well-deserved shot,
to run the defensive side of the ball.
Coach Hermann will help with the backfield,
the J.V. offense he’ll get to call.

Coach Jerad Tuxen will help out whenever he can.
The linemen he’ll do his best to help mold.
Coach Crowson and Bollinger have their own roles.
To them, these seasons will never get old.

Myself, I’m going back to running the wishbone offense.
I’ll also work with the offensive line.
I’ll shake the dust off some old trick plays.
Our athletes will have a chance to shine.

The defense will change to our team’s strength.
A five man front we’ll attempt to run.
The defensive line will be small, but quick.
This attacking defense should be a lot of fun.

We’re involved in a new pre-season scrimmage this year,
with opponents who are more our size.
Onalaska Luther, North Crawford and Bangor,
will now embrace our “battle cries”.

The Saturday morning scrimmage was exceptional,
especially if you’re a duck.
Lots of rain and mud to begin the season,
if we wanted to test team speed, we were out of luck.

We played pretty well despite the monsoon.
A number of times we crossed the goal line.
But the season ahead of us has no patsies.
We’ll have to improve a lot in a very short time.

The Blue Devils of Plum City we’ll play for the very last time.
A victory would add air to our sail.
A six to three half-time deficit,
but the Devil’s strength and size would somehow prevail.

John Schmidtknecht kicked a field goal for our only points,
but we had other opportunities to score.
We tossed up a number of interceptions,
and our second half tackling proved quite poor.

The game was really quite a bit closer,
than the final score proved to be. (3-32)
But we kept ourselves positive throughout the next week.
Confidence we’ll need to see.

A second non-conference foe was New Auburn.
The Trojans rolled their “horse” into town.
This team has a huge front line as well.
But the Pirates kind of pushed them around.

The Pirates rolled to a double digit half-time lead,
our confidence was starting to shine.
A well-played, well deserved, team victory,
had the Pirate fans standing in line. (22-0)
Last season, of course, we were victors in only one game.
We had already achieved our first goal.
But the real test was coming our way.
To our auxiliary engines, we’ll need to add more coal.

The state runners up from Eleva-Strum Central,
would be the Pirate’s first Dairyland test.
A gallant effort by the defense against the run,
but their speed proved they were the best.

We held the Cardinal’s rushing game,
to a paltry one hundred and thirty yards.
We pulled off a “hook and ladder” play,
which eventually scored on the Cards. (42-6)

The Eleva-Strum Cardinals are for real.
A state championship, they’re going to win.
Our Pirates gave them one heckuva battle.
Losing to them isn’t a sin.

A “must-win” war against the Whitehall Norsemen,
was a battle right down to the end.
The scout tape proved to be erroneous.
Our week’s preparation had to bend.

Our passing game was “a little off” in the first half.
Passes thrown, were just out of reach.
But the defense shined and kept us in the game.
A brand new offense we’ll need to teach.

We changed to the shotgun offense.
The original game plan we had to abort.
Cowboy Troy’s pressure gave us new life.
But the Pirates came up six inches short. (8-14)

To Alma Center Lincoln we would caravan,
a little revenge from last year was in our sight.
A twenty-two to zero Pirate victory.
The defense played real well that night.

With Cieminski and Platteter stripping the ball away,
a number of turnovers we were paid.
Brandon Marin played the best game of his life.
Jake Rolbiecki’s big run was made.

Cowboy Troy (Maier) was playing “all world”.
A total of four sacks he amassed.
The Pirate defense posted another shut-out victory.
These kids were having a blast.

We’ve already achieved two victories in five games,
the excitement at school is on the rise.
This bunch of young men is fun to work with.
I’m so excited for these guys.
The Alma Rivermen have a great season going,
but the Pirates are ready to rock.
If we could stop both Paulson and Reidt,
The Dairyland Conference would be in shock.

What a battle; an exciting war!
At half time, the Pirates are holding their own. (14-7)
An interception thrown to begin the 3rd quarter,
and Alma’s victory seeds were sown.

The Pirates played hard throughout the contest,
the C-FC Pirates would never give up the ship.
But the victory was earned during the “hard-hitting” night.
To the Rivermen, we give no lip.

The Blair-Taylor Wildcats posed the next threat for the Pirates.
They were huge across the line.
We started the game with a “fire truck” pass.
Within 2 minutes, it was scoring time.

Jesse Scheel tossed a perfect “Teddy Bear”,
as Dylan Cieminski trotted across the goal.
John Borgwardt and Schmidtknecht were “stepping it up”,
Nathan Brandt was now in the fold.

Jordan Julson has great hands at split end,
he makes good adjustments too.
We switched his defensive position to safety,
just to give him a better view.

After dropping a ball that gave Blair-Taylor its only score,
Nick Auer came out to play.
He played like a man “possessed”.
No one would stand in his way.

The defense was once again was shining.
Coach Pichner had a smile across his face.
A nineteen-to-seven, Pirate victory.
Cochrane-Fountain City was setting the pace.

Indee-Gilmanton has a backfield of Curtis and the Guza’s.
The Indees are really on a roll.
If we can play our best and knock them off,
the Pirate play-off bells may soon toll.

An early Independence score, followed by one of our own,
and we’re in this game to the end.
A fake punt put us down by a touchdown.
A battle at the half, that Indee couldn’t comprehend.

With three minutes left in the game,
the Pirates were still down by only one score.
We came up just short on a fourth down play.
A Pirate captain was rowed to shore.
A gallant run by the “Men in Black”,
but the Indees’ interceptions sank our ship.
A completed pass to a “Pirate” receiver,
and the final score it would’ve been flipped.

The once-ranked Mustangs of Melrose-Mindoro,
would be our season’s final test.
A rainy Thursday night confrontation,
certainly doesn’t provide much rest.

It’ll be the last football “Hurrah”,
for the seniors to show their stuff.
And also the season’s measuring stick,
to see if we’ve become mentally tough.

A sloppy field and rainy weather,
welcomed us to the Mustang field.
The team was prepared and ready,
bearing a “Pirate” saber and a shield.

The option offense would have to roll,
for us to raise a victorious Pirate Flag.
We’ll make sure we hang onto the ball,
there will be no traction to zig or to zag.

The Mustangs were on the score board first,
but the Pirate’s first drive followed suit.
The extra point put us ahead by one.
Our defense would have to guard the “loot”.

But by the half the Mustangs were ahead,
by a score of twenty-one to fourteen.
Our opening drive of the second half tied the score.
You would’ve loved the muddy scene.

At the end of regulation,
the score was tied at twenty-eight.
Overtime would have to decide this contest,
and perhaps seal the Pirate’s fate.

The Mustangs scored in a couple of plays.
“Pack it up” a Melrose-Mindoro parent screamed.
The Pirate’s senior leadership would need to rise to the top.
Are we the milk or are we the cream?

It didn’t take long for the Pirates to score,
as we went to our “big hands” tight end.
Mitch Kramer hauled in a Cieminski pass and we were alive.
A second overtime we did send.

In the second overtime the Pirates took over.
They pounded the ball with Nick Auer.
Another touchdown pass to Mitch Kramer,
left the Mustangs feeing sour.
The two point conversion was successful,
but the players on the field changed the route.
But in the end, Kyle Platteter hauled in the pass,
In fact it was a real “Beaut”!

The Mustangs took their final shots at the end zone.
They were trailing the Pirates by eight.
Brent Gabrick made sure that his comeback game,
would be his best to date.

A couple of big sacks and a personal foul,
backed the Mustangs up to the forty-two.
But the Mustangs failed to connect on two passes.
The Ponies were feeling quite blue.

The Pirates didn’t quite make the playoffs.
We came up just one win short.
But the feeling of winning the final game of the season,
Is why we play this sport.

The tradition of playing one last game of “Three’s A Crowd”,
got the spirited Pirates in the mood.
A short rendezvous on the Mustang field,
then off to enjoy the Parent’s great food.

The Mustang parents & administration thought it was a victory dance,
but it was nothing of the sort.
It’s our way of ending the season, win or lose.
A way to celebrate the end of our sport.

As the other coaches and I talked about this past season,
there’s something we all pointed out.
The kids were great, and we all had fun.
The fans were great, no doubt!

We’ll lose a number of seniors to graduation,
but the remaining Pirates will carry on the “Pride”.
Perhaps the seniors will join us in next year’s journey.
And at least be along for the ride.

There are plenty of roads for these seniors to travel,
but we hope they’ll remain a Pirate forever.
The times and experiences shared during this 2007 season,
won’t be forgotten...., ever!

All Dairyland
Troy Maier 1st team defense
Dylan Cieminski 2nd team Offense and 2nd team Defense
John Borgwardt 2nd team Offense and 2nd Team Defense
Mitch Kramer 2nd team Offense
John Schmidtknecht 2nd team Kicker
All Region
Troy Maier Defensive Line
Mitch Kramer Tight End