Ms. Larkin's Room 159 at a glance...    WEEK OF: May 8
  • We’re in our new book, Soft Rain, a historical fiction book about a young girl and her family that have to endure the Trail of Tears. We will focus on theme and story elements.
  • Spelling features this week include: prefixes –ness, -ful, -less or Latin and Greek elements scap, ped, corp.
  • We’ll begin work on capitalization rules.
We are working on the multiplying and dividing fractions chapter. Lessons this week include: models of multiplying fractions, multiply whole numbers and fractions, using models to multiply fractions and multiply fractions.
  • Social Studies: We’ve started a unit on ‘Foundin Our Nation’.  Lessons include: Struggles of a New Nation, Writing the Constitution, and Convincing the People.
  • We’ll be going to Alma Tuesday morning for ‘Law Day’.
  • We’ll be taking the Language Arts portion of the MAPS test Tuesday afternoon…and we may take the reading portion Wednesday or Thursday.
  • There will be a child care clinic offered in May. Your child has a paper copy, but I’ve attached it just in case it doesn’t make it home!