Mrs. Schmitt
4-6 Special Needs/At-Risk


Every child will be graded and assessed throughout the quarter. I use observation, daily work, hands-on activities, charting, and informal tests to establish a quarterly grade and to assess where your child is in relation to his or her established IEP goals and objectives. As I assess students I can figure out what needs to be taught or retaught, what each child’s learning style is, and what materials are appropriate for learning to take place.

At the end of each quarter, students will be graded. Report cards and IEP Progress Reports come home at the end of each quarter. Both will give you the chance to review your child’s progress towards his or her IEP goals and objectives.

Students in grades 4-6 are graded in the following manner: 90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
Below 60% F

Red folders are for homework and will go home nightly. Please check them each night and encourage your child to complete any homework that he or she may have. Homework may vary depending on the individual needs of your child and what is completed in class that day. Examples of homework that your son or daughter may have include: reading a story, finishing a math assignment, rewrtiting a story, reading a story, or practicing spelling words. Homework should be completed and returned in the red folder daily.


On the last day of each week, your child will bring home completed work in his or her purple folder. Look over their week and provide feedback to your son or daughter. These folders should be returned on the next school day.


The rules that I have for my classroom are as follows:

1) Respect one another
2) Be responsible
3) Work Hard

At the beginning of the year, we will discuss what each rule entails to ensure understanding of the rule.

If a student has difficulty following the classroom rules:

1) Verbal reminder. Redirection with two choices
2) Penny taken out of the jar. Redirection with twochoices.
3) Lose 5 minutes of break.
4) Lose all of break and note sent home to parent. Note needs to be signed and returned the following day.
5) Student will go to the Assistant Principal’s office. Phone call home.

I feel tha keeping in touch and staying connected plays a large part in student success. Feel free to call me with any questions you may have. I am excited to work with you and your child. I look forward to a challenging, yet rewarding school year!

Contact: Andreya Schmitt