1993 Pirate Football:  We Did Rock You!

1993 Football: We Did ROCK You!
As I sit back, and look over the season gone by,
My eyes become cloudy for my seniors, here’s why.

With a new found atmosphere, real “positive” approaches,
I found out that this team, was really behind their coaches.

The captains started practice by themselves, way back in July,
They certainly weren’t about to let, this season slip by.

A new offensive scheme, with plenty of power,
These guys were out practicing, through heat , wind, and showers.

As far as the coaching staff, I feel I had the best,
And a team that was willing, to put up with the test.

The conference schools, didn’t think we had what it takes,
To be the new champion, in the Dairyland race.

They picked Whitehall, Melrose, and Eleva-Strum,
The Pirate brigade would have to prove alot, to be number ONE.

Those three teams, finished in the middle of the pack,
Due primarily to one reason, “the Pirate attack”.

With a fantastic group of seniors, spearheading our mighty charge,
Teams were being blasted, by scores both small and large.

Ben Leiran was always ready, and pumped emotionally to the limit,
If He alone could control the game, Our team just had to win it.

In a number of games this season, the big plays that we needed,
Came through with All Conference Shane Ressie, the pass it was

When it came down to all around talent, for running and catching the ball
Jeff Bork, our backfield captain, could simply do it all.

The defensive line was solid, with an athlete who got better each game,
By the end of this fantastic season, Brian Baures had lived up to his
The man who handed off the ball, on every offensive down,
Matt had improved greatly, for his final football go-round.

The real surprise of the year, would simply have to be,
The incredible first year players, who gave their all for me.
Chad and Josh found out this year, they really had everything it takes.
To bad it took four years to get them out, so much for life’s mistakes.

Todd Maier boomed the ball with all his might, whenever he got the
But Nate Baures’ new position, left defense’s in a trance.

Chad Krause came to play this year, running like the galloping ghost,
He was one of the best backs in the conference, the defense he did toast.

The defensive line gave us their all, we called them the killer “B’s”,
With Ben, and Bill, and Boz, and Bubba, and don’t forget Kel-”B”.

The season which we entered, with such high hope,
Came down to a break, with which we had to cope.

The break happened to our leader, our “General” I guess,
It ended up almost strangling our offensive finesse.

Our goal for which we worked, so long and hard,
Seemed to fall apart, in our own back yard.

The conference title came down to the final quarter, of the final game,
We felt we were where we wanted to be, the place to gain our fame.

Our defense came to play the game, as they had rose throughout the
It came down to two long field goals, missed extra points, a safety and
some tears.

The long and mighty season, of goals and hopes and dreams,
had been taken from us, torn apart at the seams.

As a friend of mine still sings, about “The Ships That Don’t Come In”,
We came, we saw, we kicked some butt, but the conference we didn’t
I’d like to thank my coaches, my captains and my team,
For making this season a great memory, for those who believe in dreams.

I’d like to thank all of you, who gave us your support,
Who cared when we were down and out, a soldier without a fort.

Thanks for standing by us, even though we didn’t win it all.
The team which put it on the line this year, for the sport they love,