1994 Pirate Football:  Bone to be Wild!

“Bone To Be Wild”
                               Steve M. Lyga
Let me take some time to tell you
of the season just gone past.
We came , we saw , we kicked some butt
and made memories that will last.

This season was especially important to me
It was important to us all.
We looked forward to this endeavor
Since the final game last fall.

Though last year’s goal we failed to achieve
We gained the drive and desire.
We knew what it would take for us to succeed
We had nine months to stock this fire.

With the new season came a new look
in the helmets we chose to wear.
A string of six consecutive wins
A new spirit was in the air.

We came out of the starting blocks with an explosion
blasting everyone who stood in our way.
“Bone To Be Wild” and “Bad To The Bone”
We believed in ourselves all the way.

Blair-Taylor seemed to be the biggest challenge
A force much bigger than the rest.
We gave our all to the very end
and proved we were the best.

Twenty years of coming up short
kept us striving to be the best.
A potent team of size and strength
Viroqua put us to the test.

We came up short as you all know
But our pride would never fall.
We dug down deep insides ourselves
Fifty-Five points we scored in all.
People chose to rib us hard
For the points we allowed that night.
But I’ll choose to remember that we didn’t quit
We showed pride, determination, and might.

The Game with Independence was emotionally hard
Because of accusations that they made.
We never quite got over it
And that’s just how we played.

The last week of the season we had to re-group
Our goal was still in sight.
Luther had a streak of five victories
We knew we would be in for a fight.

We were no stranger to being outsized
And never did we quit.
We made some mistakes and gave up some points
but we were never out of it.

At half-time we discussed our season’s goals
And just how far we had came.
We felt we had to put it all on the line
To achieve the “Banner” and the fame.

The second half was all for the Pirates
Immediately following the kick.
The defense swarmed, the sacks were made
Beginning with Nate’s opening “stick”.

That hit seemed to set the tone for the second half
As our seniors came out to play.
Krause, Maier, Radatz, and Hansen
All seemed to have something to say.

On the offensive side the seniors excelled
Led by “Chico and the Man”.
Ziegler and Kujak were beginning to gel
While Wojchik knocked the Knights on their can.

The whole team deserves the credit
For the “trick” play that we ran.
I called the formation, and it was up to the seniors
They agreed on the final plan.

The offensive play of the game
Seemed at the time, a might gutsy call.
But the offense unanimously agreed
They won’t expect it, give “the Bozz” the ball.

The first Conference Championship in twenty long years
Had finally come to old C-FC.
The huge celebration we had at Luther that night
Will always bring joyful tears to me.

By winning the Dairyland Championship
We received the bid to move on.
To round one of the state football playoffs
And a chance to prove we belonged.

Our foe was Glenwood City Hilltoppers
A team undefeated in nine tries.
We knew we could compete with the best
And we got our chance to try.

I know in my heart, I felt that we were the best
But the scoreboard showed a few points shy.
The would’ves and could’ves of our fine year
Will always keep me wondering “WHY?”

I guess we will never really know
Just how good this team may have been.
A number of crucial calls went against us.
The final outcome,.... we didn’t win.

How one man in stripes can ruin the dreams of kids
I will never understand the rest.
And let the kids out on the field
Prove who played the best.

There were games where we made some mistakes
But in life, we have all made some.
We learned a great deal about what it takes to succeed
Our future successes in life, will surely come.

I wish I could really express to all of you
What this season has meant to me.
I love these kids, ‘cause they gave their best
To their school, their communities and me.

Athletics are meant to teach us all
That a commitment has no end.
We have the ability to achieve our goals
But hard work and sweat we must spend.

I would like to close with a heart-felt thank you
For all the kind words and support.
It goes out to the parents, the athletes and fans
Of this our favorite sport.

Thank you to the band for the great music.

Thank you to the cheerleaders for always doing your best.

Thank you for being there for us when we had the adversity of our mid-season.

Thank you for the on-the-field celebrations versus Blair-Taylor and Onalaska Luther.

Thank you for the road signs as we traveled to Durand.

Thank you for being there for your school.

Thank you for being there for your kids.

Thank you for being there for me.

And thank you for giving me the fantastic opportunity to work with your sons . They all mean a great deal to me.