1995 Pirate Football:  Great Expectations!

“GREAT EXPECTATIONS?” ‘95 by Coach Steve M. Lyga

1995 was a season of great expectation,
But inexperience and fumbles made it end in frustration.

With thirteen seniors coming out for the team,
There seemed enough talent to make the coaches beam.

After last season’s accomplishment, of winning “The Crown”,
We’ve looked forward to August, and another go-round.

Back-to-back titles, didn’t seem that far away,
We felt at the top of the Dairyland, the Pirates would stay.

But we were humbled by Luther, at the season’s start,
Holding onto the ball, was to us, a lost art.

By hanging on to beat the Mustangs, we started to roll,
A big goal line stand, kept us out of the hole.

By crushing Whitehall and Lincoln, our momentum was on the move,
By scoring 70 points in two games, our offense did groove.

With a 3 and 1 record, we were again on top of the heap.
Blair-Taylor was the next hurdle, we needed to leap.

We came out quite flat, and at half the Wildcats led,
It seemed our success, had gone to our head.

The second half was all the Pirates, as the defense rose out of sight,
We pounded them badly, we were feeling so right.

The offense seemed too, to be on the attack,
But three touchdowns in all were dropped or called back.

Mistakes again hurt us, No, they weren’t all by us,
Some inexperience zebra calls, created quite a fuss.

The big play that hurt us, was on a punted ball,
Which must’ve hit an invisible Pirate, cause that was the call.

It cost us the game, but really much more,
We were now a game back, and it made us quite sore.

We then had to move on, as the Rivermen we faced,
We got tough and rallied, and put them in their place.

A “Homecoming “ victory, proved sweet as could be,
But we had to begin preparing, for our next victory.

Central was next, on our victory tour,
It was quite a mud bath, but we flushed them down the sewer.
A nip-and-tuck victory, an 8 to 6 war,
We marched up and down, but we just couldn’t score.

A 5 and 2 record, could it possibly be?
An upset or two, could put us back in it, wait and see.

The Montello Hilltoppers now stood in our way,
We needed to keep the ball rolling, a good game we had to play.

We controlled the entire game, as down the field we proceeded,
But the “RED ZONE” found us without scores badly needed.

A mistake here and there, kept them right in the game,
Yeh, the fumbles again hurt us, and it turned out the same.

In the conference our record, was still 5 and 2,
And our earlier prediction, had nearly come true.

We all knew that our season, would ride on this last one,
If we could beat the Indees, and Luther would get stunned.

Again we could be champions, a feat not often made,
The season and a play-off birth, depends on how we played.

History now would repeat itself, as it did in game number one,
A mistake-prone first quarter, took away all the fun.

I just can’t figure out a reason, why we didn’t come to play that night,
We just had too many fumbles, and it sealed our season’s plight.

Our season itself, was marked with highs and lows,
The leadership just wasn’t there, I guess that really showed.

Our preseason goal, we just didn’t meet,
A play-off birth, and a crown repeat.

But we did have some successes, overshadowed by this,
And this group of thirteen seniors, I know we’ll miss.

The coaches get to look forward to next year, and plan it in advance,
We hope that we can be more prepared and stress more cans than can’ts

Thanks for standing by us all, as the season did unfold,
We hope the experience stays with you, as your future paths are sewed.

To all the senior athletes, may this year still be your best,
Strive to make your lives better, keep putting yourself to the test.

As you look back at your high school years, and your experience this fall,
I hope you can face the man in the mirror and tell him... That you gave it your all.

1st team All Dairyland
Matt Schaffner- linebacker

2nd Team All Dairyland
Jason Schaffner- defensive end
Jason Schaffner-offensive tackle
Eric Korpal-offensive end
Mike Ziegler-Defensive Back
Jerod Cyrus-running back
Jerod Cyrus -linebacker
Jerod Cyrus-punter

Honorable mention
Matt Schaffner-guard
Brad Veraguth-running back
Brad Veraguth-linebacker