1996 Pirate Football: Come Together!

“COME TOGETHER” ‘96 by Coacch Steve M. Lyga

The excitement was building, August was near
A new season beginning, there were new horses to steer.

A season of uncertainty, a challenge to us all,
Could we be successful, Would we answer the call?

We were rebuilding, with new shells in the gun,
Could we make a difference, in the Dairyland title run?

Our foundation was small, our seniors were few,
We needed experience, would one senior do?

Jason Hunger took the reigns, We needed him to lead
Would our Juniors and Sophomores follow, would they choose to believe?

We came out of the chutes, as the Mustangs rode through
We tamed all the ponies, with our youthful crew.

The Norsemen came next, as their ship we did invade
Were the Pirates for real, would we have it made?

We bombarded the Norse, as up and down the field we marched
Never did we have to punt the ball, yet a victory was parched.

Our inexperience showed, as in the red zone we continually died
A last minute Norse touchdown, left us feeling weak inside.

Could the Pirates rebound, could they revive a dream?
They put it together versus Lincoln, they started to pick up steam.

The Wildcats of Blair-Taylor, an early season conference pick
Came next for the developing Pirates, Could the feeling stick?

A game filled with excitement, with thoughts of eggs and toilet paper too
We kept samples in our helmets, until the victory was through.

A game of poise and confidence, the Pirates soared to new heights
With a fantastic 3 and 1 record, we had Alma in our sights.

For the first quarter and a half, the Pirates steadfast stood
But we couldn’t capitalize on Alma’s miscues, as a great team would.

With the leadership of 16 seniors, Alma-Gilmanton pulled away
Yet we felt good about ourselves, no matter what the papers say.

It was time to put the game behind us, as for the Cardinals we prepared
A Homecoming game and victory, was the dream we shared.

We came out flat as pancakes, the desire just wasn’t there
We needed to find the spirit again, we had no time to spare.

A hard fought game at halftime, and yet we found ourselves behind
The courage to put it all on the line, but a win we just couldn’t find.

We then traveled North to St. Croix Central, a football power in the State
A challenge to fight the cold of the tundra, a loss would be our fate.

With our backs against the wall, the Indees came to town
We needed to break more than one streak, to turn our season around.

It’s been years since we beat the Indees, accusations we’ll never forget
We got back in the play-off race, as the Indees, their match, they met.

A 20-16 victory, yet mistakes, we made quite a few
But the feeling we left with that night, made our season feel brand new.

A vision of the future was maturing, a sign of good things to come
We felt we needed a win against Luther, for revenge of last years run.

As history tends to repeat itself, thunder and lightening struck again.
We were again upset by an underdog, as our season we thought did end.

But Friday morning came too soon, as the computer screen did show
We made the football playoffs, a brand new season we could sow.

A familiar foe would we face, as Blair-Taylor came to town
For two and a half quarters we held the lead, but it would turn around.

Miscues again would hurt us, some penalties, a blocked punt and more
Would once again spell disaster, for the Pirates had been there before.

But the season of 1996, was a memorable one for us all
A season for building leaders, building character and having a ball.

We’ll miss our lone senior next year, He’ll certainly be hard to replace
But with weightlifting and leadership, maybe we could be in the race.

The conference will be solid next year, with lots of seniors all around
We hope we delivered the building blocks, to make our program sound.

Thanks to all of the parents and fans, who showed us such support
We couldn’t have succeeded without you, the backers of this sport.

We hope we’re developing these young men, to face a world full of strife
We truly believe these men will succeed , because “FOOTBALL IS LIFE.”