Human Growth and development Letter

We are about to begin our unit on “sex education”.

The student will review and become comfortable in the correct terminology of human reproductive parts. (Slang terms are not allowed). 7 & 8

We will cover the following: - Assertiveness and responding to pressure lines (including refusal skills)

The student will be able to: -identify and describe the functions of the female reproductive system
-pap smear (pap test)
-endocervical culture (STD-STI check-up)
-caesarean section
-tubal ligation
-menarche, menopause, hormones & replacement therapy

The student will be able to: identify and describe the functions of the male reproductive system
- circumcision
- erection (and “spontaneous erection”)
- nocturnal emission
- hernia (inguinal)
- urethral culture, (STD-STI check-up)

The student will be able to: - tell what happens to the fertilized egg. 7 & 8
-tell where the baby grows in the female. 7 & 8
-explain what a miscarriage is. 7 & 8
-explain what a caesarean section is. 7 & 8
-explain what a circumcision is. 7 & 8
-explain what a pap smear is. 7 & 8

The student will be able to: -explain puberty changes in males and females. review 7
-discuss “abstinence” (explain advantages) 7 & 8
-define conception and introduction to contraception. 8 only
(C-FC will stress abstinence)
-discuss reasons why some teenagers become pregnant. 8 only
- discuss warning signs of HIV-AIDS & STD’s -STI’s 8 & (7 very briefly)
(“oral” & “anal” contact may be addressed when assoc. with STD’s) 8
(Correct terminology will be expected from the students)

Some of these topics are review. Please be advised that student questions will be answered in a straight forward and honest manner. The instructor will reserve the right to defer some questions that are inappropriate in an individual or large group setting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks for your time and concern in your child’s education.

Send a note if you chose to “opt” your child from either the Anatomy, Contraception, STD sections of Health (or all of the HG & D sections).

Steve M. Lyga

Health Instructor, C-FC Area Schools
687-4391 ext. 335 (11:30-11:55)

Contact: Steve Lyga