Syllabus grade 8

Grade 8 Health Education

week #1 Rules
Self-concept a) Interviews
b) Do Well-Not So Well
c) Name Acrostic
d) Discuss Interviews -Who Is It?

Goal Setting a) Aluminum Foil Sculpturing
b) discuss “Achieving Goals”

Wellness S.P.E.C.I.E.S.
7 recommended Behaviors

Week #2 Begin Suicide
a) pre-quiz
b) lecture sheet Suicide
c) Unscramble
d) Thumbs
e) video: A Tribute to Tim
f) Poetry in Motion
g) Suicide find
h) Suicide Hearts-co-op
i) Suicide ExamBegin Dating

a) Dating Rights
b) Abstinence
c) Assertiveness training
d) responding to sexual/dating pressure

Week #4 Relationships a) Violence and Dating
b) Teen Pregnancy
c) Dating and Teen Pregnancy
d) “The Party’s Over”

week #4 (cont.) HARASSMENT
a) Review (what is it? & Steps)
b) ABC’s Co-op
c) Attitudes & Victims
d) Harassment test

Week #5 Review Bones
Review Muscles

Week #5 Death Education
a) Personifying death
b) Death lecture packet
c) Stages of Dying
d) Death Quiz
e) Assign “HeadStone”gravestone
f) Life after Life (near death experiences)

Week #6 AGING a) Aging pre-test
b) Aging Portrait
c) Activities
d) stereotypes of the AGED

Week #6-7 HG &D Review a) Where Did I Come From?
b) Lecture Male Anatomy
c) Lecture Female Anatomy
d) reproductive terms

Week #8 Begin STD’s and AIDS
role plays
What's in the bag STD-STI's

Week # 9 Intro to Contraception
STRESS “Abstinence”
kinds of birth control
What in the Bag? Contraception

Week #10 DRUGS & Final Test a ) Marijuana lecture
b) review for final
c) final exam (100 questions)

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