2013 Football

The Pirates "Rock"!

The 2015 season is underway and is dubbed the "OUR BLOOD, OUR SWEAT, YOUR TEARS" tour.
We are running the spread offense.
The "Bare" Spread allows us to use our speed and athleticism.

C-FC is going through a "UP" time in Football.
The last couple of seasons we have had a numbers problem in the amount of kids who come out,
and stay out, for football.  For the most part, kids today don't want to spend the effort that it takes to be a decent football player. 
This season, we have 43 kids out. (Our school's goal is always "40".)
PLUS, TWO managers!
(A few more kids on the field would really help us out, however.)

We finished the Dairyland season with 5 wins and 2 losses. We were in the Dairyland Title game, but we came up short!
The Pirates earned the playoffs, losing to Melrose-Mindoro (who made it to level 4).  We DID DEFEAT the Mustangs during the regular season.  ! It was the seventh straight year we have qualified for the football play offs!

I (Steve Lyga) was lucky enough to be surrounded by coaches and kids who really cared.
All of my coaching staff are former graduates of C-FC.

This past year, C-FC's Cale Lisowski was named Winona Daily News Player of the Year!  (He Joins Jordan Duellman, Michael Ziegler, and Ben Leiran as Football Players of the Year.  This is quite an honor for Cale and his supporting cast.

It's a great day to be a PIRATE!

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