Pirate Football 2001:  Takin' Care of Business!

Pirate Football 2001: Takin’ Care of Business
by Coach Steve M. Lyga

Last year is over..., that championship season is done,
What’s in the cards this year....?.... Another championship to be won?

A few returning starters, the offensive line is somewhat in tact,
Who would lead this years group, and the new Pirate rushing attack?

A large number of seniors, compared to the seven of last year, I guess,
With only one returning starter in the backfield, our offense would be put to the test.

Brian Abts, is the ship’s “Captain”, he’s a State competition Power-Lifter too!
The “Waterbug” will give us quickness and agility, he is this “Family’s” glue.

This new Pirate ship would be led by a new “general”, Dustin Beseler took the helm,
“First Mates” Brady Krause, and Joel Hermann, were also drafted from the realm.

Returning linemen Robbie, Bobby, and Chewy, would be asked to “tow the line”,
Into the mix, toss Deano and Scott, this “soup” should turn out just fine.

With Coach Knecht back running the defense, Coach Zinger and Janezich at his side,
Hopefully we’re as aggressive as in the past, “DEFENSE” has always been the Pirate’s Pride!

This years attacking defense, would have to have a true leader, sitting atop its “mast”
It should it be spearheaded by a tenacious Lee Pronschinske, Would he be up to the task?

Krause and Killian would be asked to contain other ships, as they invaded our “country’s waters”,
Would opposing teams sink the Pirates, or would the Pirates pillage and slaughter?

The season started out with a home field scrimmage, 2 state champions were in our mist,
Arcadia, Spring Valley, and Osseo-Fairchild, compose a very potent list.

We really felt that during the scrimmage, our performance turned out pretty well
We also had some weak spots, and other areas .....that we couldn’t quite tell.

With seniors Killian, Abts, Rotering, and Hermann all out for reasons I can’t disclose
A real task to challenge the Blue Devils, our weakness in depth soon arose.

Always our early season’s nemesis, Plum City’s size is always a “real treat”
We played injured, we played hard, but again in the fourth quarter, we were beat.

Mistakes were made in our initial drive, a touchdown pass slipped away
But with a solid drive, we pulled even just before the half, seven to seven seemed to be O.K.

A defensive change was set into place, an extra D-back would take the bomb away
If we could hold them for 38 seconds, then the score would stay that way.

But on the very next snap, an end got away, and a bomb had us spinning around
A fourteen to seven half-time deficit, made our smiles turn up-side-down.

A thirty-five to twenty-eight final, even though we once were ahead by a score
Left us with questions we had to solve, and injuries we could not ignore.

The Burros of Lanesboro came in to town, we weren’t close to full strength at all
With Robbie and Bobby out for various injuries, new lineman got the call.

Carl Dahl Jr. was playing solid, and the “Tank” Passehl stuffed the middle of the zone
Lorenz and Duellman picked up the slack, keeping our backfield formation “wishbone”.

When it was over and all was said and done, the Burros limped out of town
A 22 to 8 win certainly wasn’t dominating, but we felt we turned things around.

Next in line was Alma-Gilmanton, riding a raft down the river,
The Pirates blasted them out of the water, by halftime the Rivermen did quiver.

With our second play from scrimmage, Brian Abts ran for nearly 80 yards.
A 40 to 7 shellacking, the Pirates were really in charge.

Brady Krause would end up rushing for 223 yards in just over half of a game
Alma’s aggressive defense couldn’t shut down the counter, or this new Pirate train.

Riding a two game winning streak, to Independence we would go
Krause’s unknown abdominal injury, left our offense with a major blow.

To make matters worse for the Pirates, Floerke’s paperwork was left at home.
A 22 to 6 defeat, left us feeling “bad to the bone”.

It’s time to “Take Care of Business”, the Cardinals were next in line
We need to get back on the winning track, we need to hit our prime.

Another flurry of points, a 28 point half-time lead
With a 54 to 12 blowout, the Pirates were rolling indeed!

The Pirates have a 2 and 1 record, but the Indees still hold the conference lead
We need to continue to improve, our defense needs to get up to speed.

Our offense is really starting to get on track, Brian and Brady are running well,
A one-two punch with a passing attack(?), Dustin Beseler was starting to jell.

The winless Wildcats of Blair-Taylor would give us a run, a “drop zone” we failed to cover
We would make some adjustments at the half, as the buzzards began to hover.

Pat Lange was aggressive in catching the ball, 5 catches he had that night
126 yards receiving, a touchdown and two picks, he must’ve been feeling “All Right”!

During the third quarter we came out strong, and proceeded to bag our “Cat”
Another 56 points on the score board, and that my friends, was that.

The next real challenge the Pirates would face, would be in the Mustang’s corral
With identical 3 and 1 records, which of these team would prevail?

A week before this match-up, Melrose-Mindoro had the Indees against the wall.
A couple of kneel-downs would seal the win, the Indees would’ve suffered a fall.

A Mustang win just wasn’t meant to be, as the Indees won the game
Four plays later, no time on the clock, the Indees earned their fame.

After a slow start against the Mustangs, and trailing nine to six.
The Pirates reeled off 38 straight points, everyone was in the mix.

The Mustangs were “carried off the field”, as the Pirates continued to rock,
An impressive forty-four to nine win, another running clock!

With a 4 and 1 conference record, this new “bus” was really starting to roll.
Averaging nearly 40 points a game, the offensive line was our heart and soul.

The Norsemen of Whitehall would sail into town, a 2 game winning streak of their own,
A 30 point lead at halftime, and the homecoming victory seeds were sown.

With all of the first half scoring, a number of younger players got to exhibit their ware.
We took the chance to rest our starters, nearly everyone got in there.

The high flying Hornets of Alma Center-Lincoln, were next to “buzz” into town
They had a 4 and 2 record, a play-off shot on the line, we had to stand our ground.

After a brief break-down on special teams, we held a 30 point lead at the half
Another 50 point game, an obnoxious Lincoln fan who didn’t make me laugh!

Play-offs would bring us a familiar challenge, North Crawford would be our foe
The Pirates kept things in perspective, as a one point win would be their goal.

Another home game would be fitting, a second consecutive number 2 seed
A running clock after 3 quarters, the Trojans couldn’t match our desire, poise, or speed.

Some may call it aggressiveness, some call it frustration as well
But the cheap shots that Crawford was dishing out, couldn’t ring our bell.

The Fennimore Golden Eagles would “soar” into town, their speed unmatched by all
Evenly matched until just before the half, when the “Zebras” missed some calls.

A 22-16 halftime deficit, a couple of fourth downs came up inches short
Left us with a huge disappointment, in this our beloved sport.

This season of endless possibilities, had finally came to an end
A forty-two to twenty-three score, senior hearts we would have to tend.

Although the game had ended, this season we had a ball.
Another successful season completed, we’ll be back again next fall.

We set a new C-FC scoring record, 396 points scored is a true feat.
With most starters not playing in the second half, the scoring title was a treat.

A lot of respect was paid to these kids, as the All Dairyland team was announced.
Both backs,Brady and Brian, earned 1st team, most opposing teams we trounced.

Leading the way for our offensive backs, the twin towers plowed the way,
Bakes and Floerk-dog were also 1st team, Chewy was just a few votes away.

Although we put up a lot of points, the All Region coaches only saw fit,
To recognize our defensive kids, three Pirates were placed on it.

Brady was recognized at linebacker, and Lee at defensive back
Chewy was also placed on the defensive line, 3 members of the Pirate attack!

I suppose our offensive individual stats seemed a bit low, since only two quarters the starters did play
But injuries were avoided and experience was gained, next years foundation we did lay.

Bjorke and A.J. played well at times, Lawrence Everson and Joel Ratz improved throughout the year
Aaron McFarlin, Pichner and Andre will lead us next season, they’ll have to get us in gear.

A true spirit developed this year, as the season’s goals we nearly did meet
The parents stuck with us through thick or thin, they provided players with some things to eat.

Hamburgers, pizza, and chicken on a bun, were all on the menu at the end of the game
Not to mention the Floerke’s cookies, some pretty big appetites to try to tame.

I hope the experiences gained this year , will be memories you’ll treasure for years
We trust that you’ll look back on this season, and it will bring more happiness than tears.

The best of luck to all of you, we hope that some of the lessons learned in football will not fade
Keep working hard and doing your best, a successful path has been laid.

Though I could talk for a long time about these kids, it’s time for “this chapter” to end
Leave this season with more than a rhyme, “Take Care of Business” my friend!