Post Secondary YOUTH OPTIONS Program

DEADLINE for applying for SPRING 2017 classes is OCTOBER 1, 2016.
DEADLINE for applying for FALL 2017 classes is MARCH 1, 2017.

The Wisconsin state legislature has a Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program that allows eleventh and twelfth grade students to enroll in one or more nonsectarian courses at University of Wisconsin system campuses, technical colleges, or private colleges or universities located in Wisconsin. The student must request permission from the school board to take college-level classes for high school credit.

Pupils must apply to an institution of higher education during the school semester prior to enrollment in the institution of higher education. They must meet admission standards and application deadlines established by the institution of higher education for participating in this program. Pupils may be admitted only if space is available. Admission under this program should not be construed as admission to the institution of higher education granted after high school graduation.

Pupils must notify the school board of their intention to participate in the program by March 1 for the fall semester and by October 1 for the spring semester. The school board must notify the pupil if post secondary coursework will be approved for high school credit and how much credit will be awarded by the end of the semester in which the pupil applies.

School boards pay the costs as specified by the program for a participating pupil if the post secondary coursework is approved for high school credit unless there is a comparable course offered and available to the student in the district. Participating pupils pay the costs if enrolled in the program for post-secondary credit only. The pupil shall pay the cost of equipment associated with the course which will become the property of the pupil including but not limited to tools, calculators, instruments, and microcomputers.

In the event that space is not available or the content of the coursework is comparable to a high school course and is denied by the school board, alternate course selections should be listed for school board approval. If the school board denies the coursework, an appeal may be made by the participating pupil to the state superintendent of public instruction.

Contact: Gretchen Pederson