Head Coach Gary Brone (1983-Current)

Gary and Judee Brone
"We Can, We Will!"

Head Coach Gary Brone began his tenure in 1983 at Cochrane - Fountain City High School where he taught Social Studies until 2001. He is currently the K-12 Dean of Students.

Coach Brone was inducted into the Wisconsin Cross Country Associations Hall of Fame on January 11, 2003

Between 1983 and 2003, Coach Brone has:

Coached either a team or individual to the State Meet for 15 Consecutive Years! (1989-Current)

11 Conference Championships
6 Individual State Qualifiers
10 Team Qualifiers to State Meet (1984, 90-98)
5 State Team Championships (84, 93-96)

8 Conference Championships
8 Individual State Qualifiers
3 Individual State Champions (95-97)
4 Team Qualifiers to State Meet (96, 98-00)
3 State Team Championships (96,98,99)

Coach Brone credits much of his successs to assistance and support from his wife Judee, sons Mark and Jesse, numerous volunteers, and friend Bruce Abts.

Coach Brone claims the one highlight that sticks out among many throughout his tenure was bringing home the Division 3 Gold Trophy for BOTH the girls and boys in 1996.

Contact: Brian Krey