Our Pre3 education program is a collaboration with Buffalo County Head Start. The main purpose of the preschool program is socialization. The children do a lot of age-appropriate hands-on projects and centers. Each activity has a goal in mind such as a physical skill/drawing or a social skill/taking turns.

Any parent interested in having their child participate in the Pre3 program is encouraged to attend the Child Development Day assessment in the spring of the school year prior to starting the program. This assessment gives us a baseline for where a child is in the developmental process in addition to assessing areas where a child may need assistance in development.

Pre-registration for the program takes place at Child Development Day. In addition, in the spring of each year, we send out an information letter to all parents of three-year old children who have completed a census form. Parents who express an interest are sent information in early August to complete the registration process.

A copy of the current Pre3 Handbook is located on the left.

The fall mailing will include the information forms located on the left.