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Classroom News

Notes from Mrs. Bohlinger
Wow! It's hard to believe another school year is here. We have 15 children in our class this year so it is a nice sized group. I'm looking forward to a fun filled year. Be sure to let me know of any concerns you have about your child, second grade, or our curriculum. Together we can make this a   More Information

Read! Read! Read!
Reading is very important! Let your children see you reading and give them many opportunities to read as well. Please read out loud to your children on a regular basis. This will help them become proficient readers. In addition, encourage your children to read to you. Let them share connections they make with their reading as this will enhance their comprehension. Please continue to keep track of how many minutes they read each day. Remember that our library day is Tuesday. Children should make sure their books are returned so they can check out new ones. I'm also encouraging them to check out books more than once a week. They may do this in the library before school each morning.

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Think! Think! Think!
We will be doing basic addition and subtraction problems and reviewing problem solving techniques. Children will be working on memorizing all of the basic addition and subtraction facts. Children will be taught some math games that you can play with them at home. This will be a good way to   More Information

Spell! Spell! Spell!
Spelling words will come home with your child each week. Please work with your child at learning these words and reviewing them as the year goes on.
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Infer! Investigate! Imagine!
Science units that will be covered this year are Plants Grow and Change, Animals Grow and Change, People Grow and Change, Exploring Earth's Surface, Space and Weather, Exploring Matter, and Energy in Motion. Children will be learning about these topics and doing several science experiments to help   More Information
Social Studies

Where are we?
We'll be learning the names of the continents, oceans, and some countries. We'll be discovering information about our state of Wisconsin as well. Give your children the opportunity to look at maps with you and discover the various things they can learn from them. We will also spend time on graphing   More Information